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Beth Ditto Launches Fashion For The Bigger Shoplifter (Photos)

BETH Ditto, the Divine would-be with the Norman Bates meet Doris Karloff hair-do and the felt tip eyebrows has a range of fashion out. It’s on sale at Selfridge’s. But Ditto fans might not want to pay to get the look. As she said (via Paper Mag):

“I have a hard time not buying or stealing. If I want something, I have to have it. But not anymore. The last time was three months ago – a dress from Marshalls. I used to steal more. I mostly stole from Goodwill. You know, ‘Can’t be bothered. The line’s too long. Put it in your purse’.”

Ditto’s new range might not fit in just any pockets…

Spotter: Sylebrity

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Oxegen Music Festival In Pictures: Beth Ditto’s Eyebrows Won’t Run For Jay-Z

IN Pictures: The Oxegen Music festival at Punchestown race course in Co Kildare, Ireland. It rained. And rained. Dizzee Rascal sang. Beth Ditto’s eyebrows didn’t run – a Sharpie never does? Lorraine Martin from Swords jumped in and scored a mud beard, Fatboy Slim looked like someone’s dad with his album collection. Jay-Z’s marketing company made it rain. And Ezra Koenig of the Vampire Weekend was mistaken for Joe Jonas, albeit without the purity ring…


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Beth Ditto of Gossip performing on day three of the Oxegen Music festival at Punchestown race course in Co Kildare, Ireland.

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Beth Ditto Outclasses Cheryl Cole For Cannes’ Hors: Pictures

CHERYL Cole was overshadowed by the radiance of Beth Ditto on the red carpet in Cannes. Consider this one thing, has Ditto shagged Ashley Cole? No. As if she would stoop that low. Ditto is all about class. Sure, Cheryl, the ‘nation’s sweetheart’ has “Mrs Cole” tattooed on the back of her neck – a homage to Cole Porter and the Old King – but Beth has the lips and the hips. On the carpet, then for the premier of Hors La Loi (Slappers To The Ready) at the Palais de Festival. The carpet burns with passion…


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Cheryl Cole arrives at the premiere of Hors La Loi at the Palais de Festival in Cannes, France.

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Peter Andre Falls From Stage

peter-andre3POP acron Peter Andre is live and singing and falling of the stage at T4 on the Beach at Weston-Super-Mare.

Reasons for his fall:

a) He slipped on the lake of tears for poor Pete?
b) With no Jordan to lean on, Pete has no ballast – he may one day blow away?
c) It’s the most entertaining part of his act and the hope is that people will flock to see him fall off some of the world’s greatest stages?
d) He walks like he sings?
e) It was a suicide attempt?
f) It’s what Michael Jackson would have wanted
g) None or all of the above.

Video and gallery

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