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In Pictures: The Killers Permiere – Holfit Golan Outlasts Aston Kutcher And Katherine Heigl

TO the premier of Killers, the Ashton Kutcher – Katherine Heigl show in which the saviour of planet earth, the punked guy who tweets pictures of Demi Moore’s arse plays a suave professional assassin. Nope. Not a comedy. Heigl is the love interest. They fall in love and marry; she is ignorant of his job; someone wants him dead. (Hofit Golan is not in it.)


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Hofit Golan arriving for the UK Premiere of Killers, at the Odeon West End, Leicester Square, London.

The film is as good as its premier liggers, so along to the London premiere came felt-tip faced Bianca Gascoigne, Emily Themis, Katerina Themis and Sophia Port of Candy Rock (?), Katie Price impersonator Cantelle Houghton – copying Jordan must be like hitting moving target – and Blake.

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Pimp Premiere In Pictures: Danny Dyer’s Shallow Grave

TO the premiere of Pimp in Soho, where Dyer-bolical genital torcher Danny Dyer is trying to bury the British film industry in a grave so shallow it makes the average adolescent boy’s daydreams look like Stephen Hawking’s morning porridge. We looked out for actual pimps arriving to spot the likes of Unibond Division 1 liggers Bex Shiner, Sophie Reade, Bianca Gascoigne, Imogen Thomas, Alicia Douvall and Javine Hylton. And then tried to work out who would hire the talent..?

Alicia Douvall (NSFW)

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In Pictures: Jennifer Lopez’s Back Up Plan Premier, Kerry Katona And Other Stuffed Turkeys

WEDNESDAY meant The Back-Up Plan premier at The Vue, Leicester Square, London. The co-stars Alex O’Loughlin and Jennifer Lopez have set the movie world abuzz with their romance. It’s not so much a “Have they?” as a “Would they even if there was no-one else alive on Earth?” Lopez has been in more turkeys than a Bernard Mathews’ chestnuts. And this is another one. But the celebs were choice. You can tell a lot about the calibre of a film by the sort of liggers it attracts. So here come: Kerry Katona, Stacey Solomon, Sophia Hyatt, Hofit Golan, Jenni Falconer, Tamara Ecclestone (and what colour is she today – we’d say ‘Defcom 4), Kathryn Prescott and – a roll on the turkey drummers – Bianca Gascoigne…


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Alex O'Loughlin and Jennifer Lopez arriving for the gala premiere of The Back-Up Plan at The Vue, Leicester Square, London.

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Stacey Solomon And Danny Dyer Presents The Malice In Wonderland Permier: Pictures

TO the premier of Malice In Wonderland – a film in which an American law student is run over by a London cab, wakes with amnesia and to find herself tours haunts frequented by no-marks. At the premier we spotted Bianca Gascoigne, Danny Dyer (nominative determinism)  and Stacey Solomon. Life and art and all that:


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Bianca Gascoigne arrives at the premiere of Malice in Wonderland, at the Prince Charles cinema in Leicester Square, central London.

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London’s Ugly Truth Permiere In Pictures

kelly-brook1ANORAK was at last night’s premiere of The Ugly Truth’ London premiere, and we bring you the pictures of the celebrity liggers who love the film soooo much they went to see it for free.

So low on the radar are these celebs that they risk being taken for copyright pirates.

If the calibre of celebs on the soggy wet carpet is a guide to how well The Ugly Truth will do at the book office, look out for it appearing in a wicker basket outside a charity shop in the next fortnight.

Cue the Celebs:

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Bianca Gascoigne On BBC3 And Arse Over Implants

BIANCA Gascoigne and BBC 3 are made for each other. What they were made for we have no idea.

Cue VT:

Spotter: Holy Moly

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