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Biased BBC Ignores Palestinian Who Slit A Jewish Baby’s Throat In Itamar

THE biased BBC plays it hand badly as it reports on the murder of five Israelis by a Palestinian. When the biased report first went up, the words “kills five Israelis” were couched in inverted commas. Why? The thing was a fact. Later it was amended and the inverted comas wrapped around the word “Palestinian”. “Kills” remained. Not murdered. Not massacred. “Kills.”

Here’s what the BBC reports – the story is illustrated by a photo of an armed Israeli soldier:

Officials have blamed Palestinians for the overnight attack, which left a couple, two children and a baby dead in the Itamar settlement, near Nablus.

Here’s what another report says:

Hamas handed out candy last night as residents took to the streets of the southern Gazan city of Rafah to celebrate the brutal terror attack in Itamar, where five members of a single Israeli family were murdered in their home, including three children, one of whom was three years old, and another, a baby girl, was just three months old. An 11-year old boy was killed as he lay reading in bed. The children and baby had their throats slit.

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