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Thick Bible Stops Bullets From Killing Man (Kindle Too Thin)

TO Dayton, Ohio, where bus driver Ricky Wagoner, 49, has been shot once in the leg and twice in the Bible he keeps in his breast pocket.
Saved by the Good Book. Wagoner went for his three assailants, stabbing one with his pen. When one dropped the weapon, Waggoner picked it up and fired at the trio.
(The pen is indeed mightier than the gun.)

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World War One: The Bible That Saved Pte Hacket in 1915

Pte Hacket bible


THIS is the bible that saved Pte Hacket in 1915.

This Testament saved the live of Pte W. Hackett 1st Wor Regiment at Armentieres. Aug-20-1915 – Now In 2nd Gen Eastern Hospital Dyke Road Brighton. Bullet passing through outer cover and all the leaves and stopped on the last page.

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Costco Sells The Bible As Fiction

bible fiction

“I NEVER, ever in my entire life had seen a Bible labelled as fiction,” says pastor Caleb Kaltenbach. He saw the Bible in the ‘fiction’ section at his local Costco store. “I just took the picture. I think really what has been revealed is a larger conversation over faith. There are people who are passionate about their faith in Christ and passionate against it.”

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Woman walking with Jesus attack another woman with Bible

Evelyn Mills Moore
BIBLE basher of the day is Evelyn Mills Moore, 57, of Saddlebrook Court in Kings Mountain, North Carolina, who hit a woman “numerous times about her body with a closed fist and striking her with a Bible about her left arm”.

Only Mills has been charged. Jesus, whom she most likely believes to be with her at all times, evaded justice…

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Hurricane Sandy is here because of those awful gays

THE weather is not something anyone can control, not that religious people understand. They’re like those people who wear lucky underpants, thinking it has any discernible effect on an upcoming football match (your pants/god has about as much influence as the lifeless mop in your kitchen).

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Surrey Artist Poos And Wipes Arse On Bible

bible-pooIN the Vancouver suburb of Surrey, a 33-year-old man is in need of urgent relief.

He is at a party. He is drunk. It is Halloween. So he poos on the seat of a car and wipes himself clean on a handy Bible.

Cleanliness is next to godliness.

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Codex Sinaiticus Bible Was Written By A Woman

bibleTHE 800-odd pages of The Codex Sinaiticus, the world’s oldest surviving Bible, written in Greek in the fourth century AD, is now online.

The Codex differs from later version of the Bible. St Mark’s Gospel makes no mention of the resurrected Jesus Christ, or “omits”, as Christians are wont to have it.

Lucinda has not yet been abbreviated to Luke, and the images of Jesus working as a scarecrow in his father’s fields have been removed due to a legal battle over copyright with Getty images.

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Getting A Teenager To Clean The Toilet With The Bible

MY teeanger just will nto clean the toilet. What can I do? Let the Good Lord show you the way:

Whether your teenager is 13 or 19, they really need to learn how to clean the bathroom. After all, pretty soon they’ll be grown and on their own. Cleaning the bathroom is something they need to learn how to do. Here are a few tips on how to encourage your teen to clean the bathroom…

A suggestion:

Quote from the Bible.

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Shut Up And Read Your Bible

Stuart Bell on Churchill’s Bible studies:

Sir Patrick Cormack (South Staffordshire) (Con): If these particular splendid words are to endure for ever, would it not be a very good idea to ensure that every child attending a Church of England school was given a copy, not of a green Bible, but of the King James Bible, to commemorate the anniversary?

Sir Stuart Bell: That is an interesting suggestion. May I divert the House briefly, Mr. Speaker? Mr. Randolph Churchill’s mouth could never be kept closed, so, during the war, to keep him quiet for a while, he was bet a couple of crates of brandy that he could not read the authorised version of the Bible from cover to cover.

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