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Birmingham’s Racist Bike Lanes Will Emancipate Women



BIRMINGHAM’S bicycle lands are racist. The Birmingham Mail reports on the city’s Cycle City project, “which hopes to get motorists to ditch their cars, will be backed by £6.3 million from the council, as well as a £17 million Department for Transport grant.”

Good for the environment. Good for your health. Good for local business that can be visited by shoppers who can stop without fear of having their cars slapped with massive fines.

So. Time to heard from Coun Deirdre Alden (Con, Edgbaston):

“The vast majority of cyclists on our roads are young, white men… most elderly people are not going to cycle, and it would be dangerous for them to start on our streets now… women of any ethnic group who wish to wear modest clothing, and I count myself in that category, are not going to cycle. It is a discriminatory form of transport”.

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In 1979 the British Cycling Bureau delivered these ‘Bikes of the future’

IN October 1979, the British Cycling Bureau invited designers to create the “Bike of the future”.


bike of the future


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Biking Boofheads told to stop bragging about sex lives


IN Brisbane, Australia, Tennyson Ward councillor Nicole Johnston has started a petition. She wants Brisbane City Council to erect signs commanding cyclists to keep the noise down. A local woman explains the problem to the Courier Mail:

”It’s a big issue, I get contacted on a weekly basis about the noise… Some of it’s what they got up to the previous night and how drunk they were and who they shagged…. Maybe a resident said something to him but every day at 6am you could hear him yelling out `wanker!'”

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Public cycle pumps are out of order

SYDNEYS public bicycle pumps are broken:

It lasted on Bourke St for just three months before it began carrying an “out of order” sign urging cyclists not to use it. The model was the first of five stainless steel bike pumps that Sydney City Council bought for $21,500 to save cyclists from getting stuck with flat tyres…

A council spokesman in October said they chose the expensive design because it was a “robust model which will stand up to the demands of daily use while being weather resistant” and had been tried and tested in London.

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