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Britain’s Got Talent: Emma Amelia Pearl Czikai Loges Discrimination Complaint

emma-amelia-pearl-czikaiBIG Bother ends and in the time it takes a goldfish to recite the Kings and Queens of England (with dates), we bring news of Britain’s Got Talent singer, Emma Amelia Pearl Czikai.

Emma – The Hairy Oyster – has filed a discrimination complaint against the show. You see, Emma has a condition that affects her ability to hear own singing voice. That’s Emma on the stage:

“I do have the ability to move people. People have cried when they have heard me sing.”

She sings You Raise Me Up. She sings one line of You Rise Me Up. Piers Morgan presses his gong. Simon Cowell presses his. Eyebrow wrangler Amanda Holden lets The Hairy Oyster sing a verse. And then she hits her gong.

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Posted: 30th, January 2010 | In: Celebrities | Comment