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The Troubling Story Of Bijan Ebrahimi Killed by The State’s Wicked Whipers

BIJAN Ebrahimi was wrongly accused of assaulting children. The 44-year-old Iranian national was burnt to death in Bristol.

The Indy leads with the news:



The story is summed up:

On the few occasions the quiet and self-effacing Bijan Ebrahimi ventured outside his drab council maisonette on the outskirts of Bristol, it was to tend to his flower baskets. He did not work – he had a back problem and was registered disabled – so his focus was on his cat and his garden.

His interest in horticulture provided him with his greatest pleasure, but also played a significant role in his death. When Mr Ebrahimi saw local youths apparently vandalising his flowers, he took pictures of them. It was a decision that would lead to his being wrongly branded a paedophile by his neighbours. One was so incensed by his alleged crime that he beat Mr Ebrahimi unconscious, and, with the help of a friend, set him alight after dousing him with white spirit.

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