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The Chosen Few Motorcycle Club was America’ first black biker set

Chosen Few Motorcycle Club

NOT all biker sets are white boys. The Chosen Few Motorcycle Club were formed in 1959 in LA:

“The 60s was a hell of a time. With the Civil Rights Movement, The Viet Nam War, Flower Power & Free Love. Sex, Drugs, and  Rock & Roll. Also the Crazy World of the Outlaw Bikers.”

Some history:

“When you talk of the Outlaw Bikers you automatically think of ‘Them Crazy White Boys’ doing what a lot of folk wish they could do. Live Life Like You Want & F*ck You And Your Rules. Well Guess What? There was some crazy Black bikers who felt the same way, and didn’t give a F*ck. Thus was born the Black Outlaw Bikers!”

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‘Roadrage Instant Karma’: Volvo driver undertakes bikers

volvo bikers

IN Roadrage Instant Karma, the Volvo driver moves to undertake the bikers who are spread across the road. The Volvo ends up in a bad place. The bikers give him the finger and drive on. But karma is not about retribution and punishment. It’s about intention. The Volvo driver never meant to injure the bikers. He just wanted to get by. And they weren’t letting him pass. If the bikers’ brand of karma is right, it is they who’d best watch out:

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Have Your Heart Warmed By Biker Saving Drowning Calf (Video)

WHEN you think of bikers, do you think of oil-stained hoodlums with long-forked hogs, terrorising small towns with their rowdy drinking, pillaging and fistfights?

Of course, those days of biker gangs are long gone and, for the most part, the only people with Harley Davidson motorcycles are comfortable men in the Autumn of their lives, trying to give one last hand gesture to society before their hand seizes up forever.

Mostly, bikers wouldn’t touch a bike like that and prefer something a little more nimble and aggressive, which belies their often kindly nature.

Concerning the latter, here’s a video that will warm you little cockles!

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