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Cowboy Policeman Takes On Wheelie Riding Biker In The City of London

TWO lines to listen out for in this video of a man on a bike doing a 22mph wheelie in the City of London and the policeman telling him off:

Our favoutite is, “Get out the SQuare Mile and don’t come back”. John Wayne would be proud.

That narrowly beats, “You can tell your friends about the big telling off you got from a policeman on a horse”.


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The Ultimate Tour De France Playlist



WITH the Tour De France in full swing, nearly killing riders with wet cobbles and craft ale enthusiasts thrilling at the warring riders like teenage Hollyoaks fans, it got us thinking about cycling music.

Of course, the great music to cycle to is anything Kosmiche from Germany. Neu! albums are pretty much designed to sound like streamlined engineering, powered by human muscle.

However, we’re not talking about the things you’d listen to while powering your pedals (besides, you might not want to ride around with earbuds in, for fear of being hit by a combine harvester or something), but rather, the songs dedicated to those that cycle and the magnificent machines themselves!

There’s surprisingly few songs about bikes (seeing as they’ve been around for so much longer than cars and planes, which have endless ditties in their honour), but we’ve waded through them, missed off ‘Daisy Bell’ and the terrible Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Katie Melua numbers, and found some gems!

Have a listen and do add your own in the comments.




Tomorrow ‘My White Bicycle’

Ace British psychedelic band, Tomorrow, made one album and saw their guitarist running off to form Yes. However, while they were around, they made this tribute to the free bicycle movement that took place in Holland in the ’60s. Please note the cute bell ringing sound effect.





Kraftwerk ‘Tour De France’

The greatest tribute to cycling comes from Kraftwerk, and Ralf und Florian are total and utter cycling nuts. During one Manchester show at the Velodrome, when they played ‘Tour De France’, the Team GB cyclists appeared and everyone got a bit emotional.





Pink Floyd ‘Bike’

The Syd-era of The Floyd loved whimsy with an edge. They took mundane things and made them B-movie. ‘Gnome’ should be nice and it isn’t and, likewise, ‘Bike’ is a pleasant ditty with a knife between its teeth. Please don’t ride a bike with a machete in your gob, thanks.





Tom Waits ‘Broken Bicycles’

Rainsoaked Tom wouldn’t write a song about a perfectly functional working bicycle he’d just bought for loads of money from Evans, which leaves us with this dollop of pathos.





Junior Reid ‘Poor Man Transportation’

Junior Reid is one of the finest voices in reggae and provides this lovely paean to the prole’s best vehicle.





Vivian Stanshall ‘Terry Keeps His Clips On’

When Stanshall wasn’t causing mayhem in the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band, he was… well… causing havoc all by himself. And here, we have the wonderful nonsense of ‘Terry Keeps His Clips On’.





Deerhoof ‘Midnight Bicycle Mystery’

One of the more unusual bike songs, but that’s Deerhoof in a nutshell. They’re mental. And we should cheer from the rooftops about bands like this because we need their shade in the light of commercial rock.





Ballboy ‘Olympic Cyclist’

This song does exactly what it says on the tin and is wonderful for it.





Livingston Taylor ‘Bicycle’

This is the most straightforward bicycle song in music history, even down to the cutely dull description of what his helmet is made of.





The Bouncing Souls ‘BMX Song’

Bicycle songs aren’t all commuting and aerodynamism – The Bouncing Souls were all about popping wheelies and buying bikes that are less practical and more fun.





Julie Doiron ‘When The Breaks Get Wet’

A lovely, plaintive song which paints a picture of riding through drizzle. A wonderful snapshot.





Dukes of the Stratosphear ‘Bike Ride To The Moon’

Neo-psychists, Dukes of the Stratosphear were XTC in disguise where they got to play with the dressing up box. Here, they ape Floyd and take a bike ride to the moon. Worth checking those guys out.


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Cyclist ticketed for not riding in bike lane makes video of himself crashing into things in bike lanes

Casey Neistat

THE cyclist ticketed for not riding in bike lane has made this video of him crashing into things in bike lanes:

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Is nothing safe? Police seek man who punctures bike wheels and masturbates over the saddles

Bicycle tosser

IS nothing safe? Who is the man seen puncturing the wheels of a bicycle, rubbing himself against the seat, consulting a photograph and masturbating to climax?

The bike’s owner is Per Edström’s girlfriend. Per recorded the man’s antics on CCTV by the couple’s home in  Östersund, northern Sweden.. He’d been experiencing a spate of punctures. He says:

“I am not scared of him, but mostly irritated over all the punctures I have had to fix.”

Edström wonders about that picture in the tosser’s hand:

“My girlfriend finds it all a little concerning, you never know if he has checked her out in some way, and whether it is a picture of her he has in his hand when he is masturbating.”

It could be anything. It could be a picture of a dead peacock

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A history of British cycling in brilliant photos – 1895 to the present

ITS as easy as riding a bike. So they say. It turns out that the British are rather good at riding bicycles. We’ve trawled the archives and can bring you the history of British cycling in photos – 1895 to the present:


Picture 1 of 65

Bradley Wiggins, winner of the 2012 Tour de France cycling race rides up the Champs Elysees with his son during a parade after the last stage of the race in Paris, France, Sunday July 22, 2012. (AP Photo/Christophe Ena)

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VIDEO: Extreme tricycling

IN which mental X Games legend Travis Pastrana shows that it is possible to look cool on a tricycle:

Now that is a seriously cool jump. NON FAIL.

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