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HSBC selfishly fail to lock Bill Oddie inside their HQ

The Great Gorilla Run
WHEN we heard that Bill Oddie, had been evicted from HSBC’s London headquarters while making a film about the bank’s ties to loggers in the state of Sarawak in Borneo we wailed. Why didn’t they lock him inside?
Oddie’s been protesting against deforestation for palm oil plantations for campaign group Global Witness. Oddie’s starring in a film called Bankwatch. In it he is seen “entering the territory of a creature that’s very closely related to man”, namely “the banker”.

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British Badgers For British Badger Enthusiasts

WHAT news of former Welsh Assembly bigwig and badger watcher Ron Davis?

Many supposed that when Davis pulled into picnic area to watch badgers with a fell enthusiast, he would quit politics to front the BBC’s late-night Badger Watch show.

Sat in a feathered wigwam with Bill Oddie, Davis would be heard panting with excitement over the sound of rustling and foraging vermin.

What it more, having been robbed on Clapham Common, while looking for badgers and a way home, Davis was cruelly overlooked for the Crimewatch gig. His is a a career of missed opportunity.

It turns out that Davis became head of the Valleys Race Equality Council, which seeks equality between all ethnic and indigenous badgers.

The Star says locals should be called not British, but Welsh, Scots, Irish, Asian and Chinese.

Good news for them, but confusing news for Britons, and worse news for Poles, who must choose which national identity to adopt…

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