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Surfer wiped out by whale at Bondi Beach recalls a ‘very beautiful experience’

SO. This question to you, Bishan Rajapakse, a 38-year-old doctor from Bondi, Sydney, how does it feel to be flicked off your surfboard by a mellow whale you and around 40 surfers were paddling around?

surfer whale


Dr Rajapakse’s epic anecdote features him losing lost consciousness for about 10 seconds, fellow surfers helping him to the beach, paramedics and a stay at St Vincent’s Hospital.

He says in all it was a  “very beautiful experience I’ve seen a few whales in Bondi before, just walking, but this was the biggest I’ve seen and we were so close to it.”

The final word, however, is with Bondi lifeguard Adrian Kovacic, who learnt to speak English watching Cowboy and Indian films:

“The whale came heaps close to shore and then the surfers were heaps close to it.”

It’s  tale of wooooe, dude:


YouTube link.

Posted: 8th, July 2013 | In: Reviews | Comment