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Shaun Ryder Drops Happy Mondays Reunion Hint

BALDING, shuffling, pink-faced thirtysomethings REJOICE! Not only are The Stone Roses hauling their ample arses out to relive your youth in sweaty fields, but so are the Happy Mondays! Stella Artois shares rocket as a result while Longsight drug labs start churning out speckled Es in a bid to cash-in on this dreadful Madchester nostalgia trip!

Northside are still of no fixed talent.

Anyway, Shaun Ryder is dropped hints heavier than his mortgage bills that his ragtag band are making a comeback next year. Of course, they’ve done the reunion thing on countless occasions already, but why should that stop Ryder and his new, eerie Hollywood teeth?

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Posted: 12th, December 2011 | In: Music | Comment (1)