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Brixton Riots – Don’t Blame Twitter. Blame Morrissey and St Trinians

THERE’S a lot of silliness this morning about how last night’s London riots were not caused by opportunist chavs bent on smashing things up and getting a very good deal on a new pair of Reeboks. But is it actually Twitter’s fault. The theory is that otherwise law abiding individuals heard all about the fun on the riot hashtag and suddenly morphed into anarchists bent on causing chaos in north (and a bit of south) London.

But why should the buck stop with Twitter – here are three other reasons why we saw widespread rioting last night.

1 Blackberrys – I was actually going to do a jokey post about the way in which QWERTY keyboard phones have made it so much easier for wannabe rioters to keep themselves organised. But then this lot beat me to it with a detailed examination of how Blackberry’s messenger system BBM was used by some of those rioting in Tottenham.

‘BBM as it is known, is an instant messenger system that has become popular for three main reasons: it’s fast (naturally), it’s virtually free, and unlike Twitter or Facebook, it’s private.

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Posted: 8th, August 2011 | In: Key Posts, Reviews | Comment