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Lancashire Mafia Wants Gordon Brown Out

“LANCASHIRE MAFIA SPRING HIT ON BROWN,” says the Mail on Sunday’s front page.

No, no Gordon Brown’s not got his own death cult. He’s not that exciting. It’s just the tabloids love to talk of Mafia when MPs are revolting: Tafia (Welsh MPs), Rafia (Ex-forces MPs), Fifafia (Football mad MPs), Dafia (Duck-faced Mps), Jafia (MPs Biscuit and Snacks Select Committee) and so on…

So here’s the Lancashire mafia. “Ta-ra-luv,” say the Lancashire mafia as they dispatch their mark with a rogue Eccles cake.

And the Laffia the are getting rid of the capo, wher is Jack Straw, MP for Blackburn, Lancashire:

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Posted: 14th, September 2008 | In: Politicians, Tabloids | Comments (7)