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English football club mottos: the Latin, the motivators and the downright crap

NEWS that Everton Football Club™ has decided to modernise its historic badge, and in the process jettison its famous Latin motto, has caused not altogether unpredictable outrage among the Goodison Faithful ™.


The motto in question translates as ‘Nothing but the best’, so the timing of its retirement is unfortunate, coinciding as it does with a period of uncertainty following the departure of the ‘Moysiah’ to Old Trafford.

All of which begs the question of whether some other long-established club mottos and slogans are fit for purpose in the modern game. A select few still favour the classical Latin, so we will consider them first.

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Blackburn Rovers manger news: Garry Flitcroft sticks

YOU have to admire the lad’s ambitions. The Lancashire Telegraph delivers the sports scoop of the day:

“The Lancashire Telegraph understands former Rovers skipper (Garry) Flitcroft, currently manager at Evo-Stik Premier Division outfit Chorley, would be keen to discuss the role at Ewood Park.”

Other who might be keen to discuss the move: every manager in the Evoo-Stick Premier Division.

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Blackburn Rovers’ fan of the year – V is for Venky’s

BLACKBURN Rovers have been relegated from the Premier League. The fans were right. They wanted manager Steve Kean and the club’s owners, Indian poultry firm Venky’s, out at the season’s start.

It was Anuradha Desai, Mr Venkey’s, who sacked Sam Allardyce and vowed to honours all of Steve Kean’s contract no matter what. As he said:

“Without stability you cannot have success, and this provides stability. It is the way we work.”

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Blackburn Rovers: Steve Kean’s Numbers Don’t Add Up

BLACKBURN Rovers manager Steve Kean, the man who signed a long contract to manage the club and then didn’t, reacts to his side’s defeat to Stoke:

“I would agree the third goal is poor but to come to a place like this and create 15 chances and get 10 on target should be enough to get you something from the game.”

Like Alex Ferguson’s watch, Kean’s numbers do not tally with the official version.

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Blackburn’s Steve Kean ‘Signs’ New Deal For A Club

HOW’S life at Blackburn Rovers for Steve Keane, subject of the fans’ banners “STEVE KEANE OUT”?

Daily Mirror, November 9, 2011:

EXCLUSIVE: Steve Kean signs new, improved Blackburn deal

Steve Kean has signed a new contract at Blackburn Rovers.

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Blackburn Rovers Hired Black Paul Ince To Manage Them: Does That Make Them Racist, Oliver Holt?

THE row of black mangers in professional English football continues. Ther are only two— Chris Hughton at Birmingham City and Charlton Athletic’s Chris Powell.

Oliver Holt looks at Paul Ince, the former West Ham and Manchester United player who became the first English black man to manage a Premier League club when he became boss of Blackburn Rovers:

Paul Ince, they say. Over and over again. Paul Ince: proof that black ex-players don’t deserve a shot at management.

The lack of black managers in the game is nothing to do with prejudice, they say. It’s because they’d all be as bad as Paul Ince. Ince has heard all the slurs before, of course. He can laugh at them now but there is a tinge of bitterness in the laugh still. The truth, of course, is that the slurs are just another layer of proof that aspiring black managers face barrier after barrier in their fight to make a career in English football. Even if Ince had only turned up a couple of days a week at Blackburn, how would that make him any different from a series of high-profile white managers lauded for their hands-off approach?

But Blackburn only gave him 177 days in the job before they sacked him on December 16, 2008. The club was fourth from bottom.

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Does Blackburn Rovers El Hadji Diouf Hold Key To Peace And War In Libya?

BLACKBURN Rovers winger El Hadji Diouf, now on loan at Glasgow Rangers, tells Algerian magazine Le Buteur:

“Gaddafi is a man I’ve always admired. I’m telling the truth. I know him and I know Seif, his son. They are my friends. But frankly I don’t really know what is happening in Libya, but it must be very hard for Gaddafi and his family. I say that, Inch’Allah (Allah willing) victory will go to whoever is right.

“I don’t know who is right and who is wrong but it’s a shame to see so many victims.”

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Blackburn Chicken Plucker Insults Blackpool Donkey Botherers

BLACKPOOL Councillor Simon Blackburn (Labour) was watching his Blackburn Rovers side draw 2-2 with mighty Blackpool when he noted on Facebook:

“oh my actual God… the donkey-botherers are 2-0 up thanks to two of the worst refereeing decisions ever! :(“

Yeah, that what we thoght. he is so out of touch:

* Oh my actual God is “OMAG”

* Ever is “Eva”

* Anyone who uses an emoticon is of questionable morals.

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Ronaldinho To Blackburn Rovers: Count Your Chickens

BLACKBURN Rovers are in the bidding for buck-toothed, mega-gifted, idle, footballing superstar Ronaldinho. To save us the trouble of making this news up, the chairman of Venky, the company that owns the club, confirms the story. Says Anuradha Desai, for it is he:

“He is keen to play in the EPL [English Premier League] and I think that goes in our favour.”

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John Terry’s Chelsea Present The Premier League Goals, With Arsenal, Aston Villa And Spurs In Pictures

THE Premier League is not only on Sky Sports. It’s on Anorak. In pictures.

Here are the pick of the week’s images, featuring John Terry’s head, Frank Lampard’s embrace, Arsenal, Manchester United, Hull City, Sunderland, Spurs, Aston Villa, Man City and more…


Picture 1 of 15

Aston Villa's John Carew (Left) and Bolton Wanderers' Matthew Taylor (right) in action

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England Refuse To Play ‘Swine Flu’ Mexico At World Cup

football-pigSCARE story of the day comes via the Sun, wherein readers are told that footballers are spreading swine flu:

PREMIER LEAGUE stars were last night ordered to stop spitting amid fears of spreading swine flu. The Health Protection Agency have stepped in, trying to stop the infection being passed on. Three Blackburn players have had the virus including Chris Samba and David Dunn, while four unnamed Bolton stars are sick.

No spitting on order of the HPA, whose spokesman clears his throat:

“Spitting is disgusting at all times. It’s unhygienic and unhealthy, particularly if you spit close to other people. Footballers wouldn’t spit indoors – so they shouldn’t do it on the pitch.”

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In Pictures: Chelsea 5 – Blackburn Rovers 0, Premier League

ANOTHER trip to London for League of Gentlemen extra Sam Alladyce and his Blackburn Rovers and another sound tonking, this time at the hands of Chelsea.

Anorak has the best pictures from the match, which all you Chelsea Mowermen can pick your way through.

For Rovers, it’s back to the laptops and for same to decide if his earpiece would be better suited to the foray if it weren’t tuned to the shipping forecast…



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The new worst dive in football history! (with video evidence)

THIS weekend, which Premier League star tried to win a penalty with the most outrageous dive you’ve ever seen? (Clue: it’s not Cristiano Ronaldo or Steven Gerrard).

The 10 Greatest Football Dives Ever

Find out after the click…

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El Hadji Diouf’s abusive prank phone call

EL Hadji Diouf is one of the least popular footballers in England, something which derives from his penchant for spitting. He loves a good gob, does El Hadji. Indeed, when Roy Keane signed the Senegalese forward for Sunderland, he said: “El Hadji has always been the kind of player opposition teams and supporters hate, a thorn in the side.” High praise indeed, Roy.

We didn’t think it was possible to like Diouf any less, but then we stumbled across this prank phone call, which purports to feature Diouf and a couple of his biggest fans.

Check it out after the jump…

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