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Politics And Alcohol Part One

churchill1Politics And Alcohol Part One:

“ME. Churchill enjoys a drink,” remarked the great statesman’s former private secretary in Life magazine.

“At home or on travel, at work or on holiday, Churchill drinks a glass of dry sherry at mid-morning and a small bottle of claret or Burgundy at lunch. To Mr. Churchill a meal without wine is not a meal at all. When he is in England he sometimes takes port after lunch, and always after dinner. It is pitt2at this time that his conversation is most brilliant. In the late afternoon he calls for his first whisky and soda of the day…. He likes a bottle of champagne at dinner. After the ritual port, he sips the very finest Napoleon brandy. He may have a highball in the course of the evening.”

Churchill drank heavily throughout his not unsuccessful career. It is said that Conservative bigwig Rab Butler used to pour his own drinks into his shoe to keep up.

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Ant Rap: Ant Sues Ant And Dec

ANT Kalloniastis is suing Ant McPartlin to stop him using his name in the United States.

As the Sun reports, Ant K. is the host to f Celebrity Fit Club (US). He says he is losing work because he’s been mistaken for Ant P., who along with Declan Donnelly fronts the US show Wanna Bet?

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Gordon Brown On Me, Myself And I, I, I And I

FRANK Luntz’s hears Gordon Brown talks about Me, Myself and I, I, I, I..:

He still doesn’t get it. In his open sentence he uses ‘I’ four times. Incredible. He still doesn’t realize that it’s not about him. It’s about the British people and what they want for the future. Blair understood that the people come first. Brown still thinks he comes first.”

He is Leader Number One.


At Home With Gordon Brown And His Props
Gordon Brown Should Have Married Jade Goody

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