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Amy Winehouse’s ex-husband Blaaaaaaake on life support

NEWS has broken concerning Blake Fielder-Civil, the ex-husband of the late Amy Winehouse. It has been reported that he’s on a life support machine after suffering multiple organ failure following his ingestion of too much drink and drugs.

Fielder-Civil was rushed to the hospital in Dewsbury after he was found choking in bed after drinking, according to his partner, Sarah Aspin.

“The doctors say they don’t know the prognosis,” Aspin, who is the mother of Fielder-Civil’s 15-month-son, told The Sun. “They said they put him in a coma to help him and due to infection. I’m praying he’ll survive, but I’m having to prepare myself that he may never wake up.”

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So Who Gets Amy Winehouse’s Money Then?

IT’S not all that much of a surprise that Amy Winehouse is gone: a shock that it’s right now, a sadness of course, but not exactly a surprise.

(Image: Mitch and Janis Winehouse view the shrines to thier daughter.)

Which leaves us with the question of who gets her rumoured £10-£20 million fortune? That one that is increasing by the minute as people buy her albums in remembrance? The one that’s going to soar when they release that third one of demos?

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In Pictures: Amy Winehouse And Blake Are Back Together

AMY Winehouse is rising to the challenge presented by Kerry Katona’s elevation up the tabloid news U-bend by getting back with Blake Fielder-Civil.

Spotted walking hand in hand. Amy emerged from a London clinic where she’s been having her huge Jordans drip fed. As Winehouse wrote on her Facebook page:

“The king and queen of Camden are coming home.”

Grab a huge orb of black hash, a sceptre fashioned into a Cromwell Carrot and shove your head down the throne. They’re back…


Picture 1 of 29

Amy Winehouse fools around with her on/off boyfriend Blake Fielder-Civil, during a photocall at Bristol Zoo, before performing an exclusive Vodafone TBA gig later today. Blake is the man who inspired Amy's No1 album 'Back To Black, and he says she has never stopped loving him.

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Amy Winehouse Talks To Blake Through Her Pussy

pussy1AMY Winehouse is communicating with Blake Fielder-Civil via her pussy… cat. Yes, we know it’s smutty, but we’re still in mourning for Mrs Slocombe. And like her, Amy Winehouse has turned into a cat lady.

Reports are that Winehouse is speaking to Blaaaaaake on Facebook through her cat Shirley’s profile.

The Sun has more:

AMY WINEHOUSE has set up a Facebook profile pretending to be her cat as a way of keeping in secret contact with BLAKE FIELDER-CIVIL.

Who’s to say Winehouse’s not channelling Shirley? Take enough drugs and even the kitchen units speak to you.

Currently appearing in rehab, Blake can hear the cat talking to him. “There could only be one winner,” says Shirley. “She’s with me now.”

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Blake Fielder Civil Saw Amy Winehouse ‘Die’, In Pictures

7580172AS Blake Fiedler-Civil tells tabloid readers “AMY ‘DIED’ IN MY ARMS”, and joins his name to the list of Great British literary drug addicts, we hear from that other man in Winehouse’s life, her dad Mitch.

A source tells us about a Mitch Winehouse album:

“Mitch has been working on it for a while now. Amy always credits her dad with getting her into singing. He loves music. He has a good voice and wants a go at turning professional.”

As a London cabbie, one used to negotiating visible air, Mitch surely has the lungs to inhale pop stardom. The chatter is of Mitch singing Frank Sinatra tunes. But how genuine is this story?

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Amy Winehouse Sings The Ultimate Betrayal

AMY Winehouse has penned a song called The Ultimate Betrayal “after hearing claims hubby BLAKE FIELDER-CIVIL got another woman pregnant”.

So says the Sun. That woman is called Gilleen Morris, and she tells of her love child “following a romp with Blake, 27, in a Sheffield rehab clinic”.

Hours after hearing the news, Amy went to her studio on Caribbean isle St Lucia and penned her emotional song.

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Cokey-Smokey-Choky: Amy Winehouse Blake Parties Inside

YOU join us as Mr Amy Winehouse, aka Blake Fielder Civil, fails a drugs test.

He is returned to prison where he may remain until 2010, having broken the terms of his early release.

Which means Blake will be in choky for Christmas. Chin up, Blaaaaaaak, make the most of it. Is that music?

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Barack Obama: Blake Fielder Civil Rights In The Winehouse

BARACK Obama Watch. Looking past the blackness and the history:

“It’s welcome to the free world for me and Barack Obama” – Blake Fielder Civil, Mr Amy Winehouse on his release from the chains of hard labour

I have a dream, that black, brown, golden brown, white powder and red Smarties can live in harmony in the greater Winehouse body and that we as a nation…

Continues for as long as it gives Her Majesty pleasure…

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White House, Big House And Winehouse

NOW the long wait is over, the Sun and other tabloids can get down to the serious business of wondering when the first couple will die.

With the War for the White House won, the joyous news is that Blake Fielder Civil is released from prison.

For Republicans, this might be the good day to bury bad news. Amy Winehouse’s man is out and newspapers will once again be full of insight and speculation.

To the jail.

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