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The colours of blindness and love

When Ashley was blind, her nearest and dearest described colours to her like this:

Yellow. I didn’t touch anything for this, they just told me that whenever you laugh so hard you can’t stop, that that happiness is what yellow looks like.

Green. I held soft leaves and wet grass. They told me green felt like life. To this day it is still very much my favorite color.

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Posted: 8th, September 2016 | In: Technology | Comment

Woman Stole Blind Man’s Car – But Not His Gun

blind gunman
AMERICA is a great place. In the land of the free a blind man can hold a gun licence.
A blind man can hold a driving licence. And own a car.
Police in Vernon, Connecticut, have arrested 33-year-old Laura Michaud for stealing a car from a blind man.

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Blind From Birth: Tommy Edison And Austin Seraphin Explain What It’s Like

tommy edison

TOMMY Edison, who has been blind since birth, talks about what it was like growing up without sight.

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Blind man runs over girlfriend after 5 bottles of wine

GALLOWS humour is something that drags every one of us through the day because, without it, we’d spend our entire lives sobbing at work.

And so, let us laugh at a story about a man who is registered blind, running over his partner in a car, after drinking five bottles of wine… because the reality of it could very well be far too depressing to contemplate.

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Fallen blind man sues after workmen removed his balcony

TO Blindheim, Germany, where wheelchair-bound Klaus Ohlmeier is addressing the court:

“I heard a noise, and then I can’t remember anything. I’m glad it didn’t come out any worse.”

Mr Ohlmeier is 64-years-old and blind. He lives in a home that was being  renovated. His balcony had been removed… His fall led to many broken ribs and internal bleeding. Says site manager Patrick B: “There was a sign.” For the, erm, blind people to read.

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