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Bild Gets The Link Model For Growing Online Media

PYJAMAS media is all but dead. Well, would you pay $15 a month to watch Pyjamas TV? No.

In Germany, Bild, the big tabloid, undertands that it needs to boost its online presence. So it’s rewarding bloggers that link to it with links back.

The Press release:

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This week Anorak has been reading

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How To Monetize Online Newspapers

NEWSPAPERS scramble about for readers. And if blogs can hire the best writing talent, newspapers will be doomed:

A blog is a newspaper concept without the kind of editorial and journalistic qualities usually associated with newspapers. A newspaper is a blog that is generally behind the curve on the new business and communication models of a blog. The answer is for blogs to structure themselves in a professional manner along the lines of a respected newspaper, and for newspapers to take technical advantage of the blog platform. They are not mutually exclusive – and in fact are the same entity but with polar strengths and weaknesses.

It’s all about being known:

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Left-Wing Bloggers Love The Banking Crisis

IT’S not just the Mirror’s writers that love the financial meltdown and who wish death on the traders:

The majority of left-wing blogs are absolutely loving the financial crisis. It’s the rapture of the marxists.”

As he notes: “Why, they haven’t been this happy since Enron“:

It’s the end-game of neo-liberalism, where only money and self-interest in terms of getting more of it matters. How can other values be re-elevated, to save capitalism from itself? And is the Yank’s version of capitalism really the one we should emulate? I hope lots of experts jump on this example to really learn from it conceptually, rather than pick at the edges of it. And I wonder whether Enron is just the beginning of the unwinding of the Yank’s economic miracle and will finally break the dominance of the neo-liberal “value system”.

Aren’t you glad you’re Chinese..?

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