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The Elephant Man: Blondie And David Bowie At New York’s Booth Theater In 1980

FLASHBACK photo: Deborah Harry of the rock band Blondie visits David Bowie backstage at the Booth Theater where he is starring in The Elephant Man, Nov. 1980. (AP Photo/Nancy Kaye)


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Watchmen actress to play Debbie Harry on the silver screen?

PUNK is a sly old slag. It pretended to be anti-establishment (ie, anti-corporate and therefore, anti-money) when all along, it was just waiting to cash-in and start shouting its mouth off saying that all attempts at grabbing money are little more than ‘art-school pranks’ and that, as ever, punk is as real as real can be.

So now, firmly part of the establishment, punk is going to the silver screen with a biopic of legendary NYC punk club, CBGBs.

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The Kitten Covers (2)

TUMBLR Site of the Day: more from The Kitten Covers is a great collection of kittens in the mode of classic pop and rocks album covers: Blondie, Leonard Cohen, Saturday Night Fever, Beastie Boys, Dr Dre, Peter Tosh, The Doors, Grace Jones, Dolly Parton and Marvin Gaye… First Part is here.


Spotter: The Kitten Covers

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RockNess In Pictures: Ian Brown Shows Blondie The Real Face Of Music

DEBBIE Harry made it from the Isle of White to Inverness in time to sing a few Blondie hits at RockNess. She looked good. Too good. And when we saw Ian Brown looking like you’d expect someone to look who said that when the Stone Roses split they fell into two camps: “We had two buses – the coke bus and the weed bus.” Although he did also say: “Because of my cheekbones people think I’m a crackhead.” (He’s not.) So. Brown looks authentic, the northern Keith Richards. And Blondie looks a Surrey divorcee on Blondie karaoke night. Still. Good sing-along fun. Pictures:


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Debbie Harry of Blondie performs during the RockNess music festival near Inverness, Scotland.

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Isle Of White Festival In Pictures: The Strokes And Debbie Harry Thrash England

THE Isle of White Festival Day 2 in Pictures, presented by Julian Casablancas of The Strokes. At Seaclose Park, the football on the big screen as watched by a few men in lots of others who’d have preferred to have watched Neighbours. We also spotted test tube sex symbols The Saturdays, Biffy Clyro and Debbie Harry. Blondie And The Strokes against The Saturdays. USA 2 – England 0:

In Pictures: Paloma Faith Colours The Isle Of White Festival


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Julian Casablancas of The Strokes performing on the Main Stage, at the the Isle of Wight Festival, at Seaclose Park in Newport.

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Blondie’s We Three Kings Proves How Old You Are

NO sooner has Lou Reed produced a big print iPhone app. than Blondie have released their music for free. And what music? Why, We Three Kings. Take them away, maestro…

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