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No-one wants to buy Gandhi’s blood for pacifist clone army

India Mahatma Gandhi

HE may not have spilled any blood in his lifetime, but famous pacifist Mahatma Gandhi had his blood on sale this week at a rather peculiar auction.

With his blood, you could create a charming, pacifist army, but alas, no-one wanted to buy his body fluid for the £10,000 reserve price.

Gandhi’s blood had been available after being placed on two glass microscope slides, like Dexter collects.

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Posted: 22nd, May 2013 | In: Reviews | Comment

Teacher lets toddlers drink her blood

teacher blood copy

ONE of the worst things to happen to teaching is the film Dead Poet’s Society. They’ve all watched it and tried to work out how to be groovily different and engage their classes in a way that is authoritative and pally. They want to reach out to the children and connect with them in original, kooky ways and obviously, this thinking can bite them on their tweed arses.

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Posted: 11th, March 2013 | In: Strange But True | Comment