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BNP Wants You To Mark Remembrance Day On November 12

ON the 11th hour of the 12 day of the 11th month the BNP* remembered to observe, well, what? The rest of us know that Remembrance Day falls on November 11th. But the BNP wants to make the 12th special.

Is it becasue on November 12 1933, the Nazis received 92% of vote in Germany. No. It’s about the British who gave their lives fighting the Nazis:



BNP fail


*BNP. Something that existed before the EDL and the UKIP.


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Lee Rigby: Anti-Muslim Brigade Call For Death Penalty And Monoculture (Oh, The Irony)



AT the Old Bailey, Michael Adebolajo, 28, and Michael Adebowale, 22, who are charged with the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich, south-east London on May 22. They both stood in the dock. Adebolajo, of Romford, Essex, asked to be known as Mujaahid Abu Hamza. Adebowale, of south-east London, asked to be called Ismail Ibn Abdullah

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Job done: Nick Griffin wants ‘hate preachers’ out of Britain – BNP leader heads to Syria

NICK Griffin, the monocular BNP leader, does read his own placards, and has responded to his own demands. This hate preacher’s gone to Syria…

BNP leader Nick Griffin during a demonstration in Westminster in central London.

BNP leader Nick Griffin during a demonstration in Westminster in central London on June 1.

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Photos: BNP and Unite Against Fascism fight against hate in Westminster

IN a bid to remind us that the BNP still exists, around 100 supporters of the far-right group massed outside the Palace of Westminster to shout about their opposition to – irony of ironies – hate preachers. They wanted to meet outside Woolwich Barracks, where Lee Rigby was murdered. Scotland Yard thought that was a bad idea. So. It was Westminster and a march to the Cenotaph, the monument to the ‘Glorious Dead’, many of whom fought – still more irony – Nazis. There, they clashed with Unite Against Fascism. Elsewhere, members of the EDL clashed with anti-fascist supporters after a march in Leeds, West Yorkshire. And representatives from all Islam, Jewish, Anglican, Catholic and Sikh faiths laid a wreath spelling “Peace” at Woolwich barracks.


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A member of the British National Party (BNP), holds placards during a demonstration in central London, Saturday, June 1, 2013. British National Party supporters gathered to protest the May 22 killing of British soldier Lee Rigby. (AP Photo / Lefteris Pitarakis)

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Nick Griffin tweets home address of victimised gay couple: a twitter hunt follows

MICHAEL Black, 64, and his partner John Morgan, 59, are £3,600 better off (£1,800 each). When Christian Susanne Wilkinson refused to let them stay in a double bed at the Swiss Bed and Breakfast in Cookham, Berkshire, she was breaking the law.

She said she was sticking up for her religious beliefs.

The couple had a reservation and paid a deposit. That was March 2010.

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Tottenham Court ‘bomb’ suspect was the BNP candidate for Stevenage

HOPE Not Hate is reporting that Michael Green, the man arrested in the Tottenham Court Road the “siege” (Sky), “disturbance” (BBC), “nuisance Scotland Yard) and “afternoon off” (every worker) once represented the BNP as the party’s parliamentary candidate for Stevenage.

Michael Green, 48, has been charged with possession of a weapon, false imprisonment and making a bomb hoax. HNH says Green, of Stevenage, Hertfordshire, was the BNP candidate for his town in the 2010 General Election. Green polled 1007 votes. He came fifth.

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Jackboot-A-Nory: BNP Guiding Star Nick Griffin Tells The Nativity Story (With Added Cat!)

IT’S Jackboot-anory with Nick Griffin. The BNP will BNP Christmas Time – Nick Griffin tells The Nativity Story, with a cat.

It’s hard to think of a way to make the BNP look less relevant and sillier. Your suggestions, please…

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Spot The Golliwog At The BNP’s Liverpool Conference At Wavertree Cricket Club

THE British National Party’s annual conference was in Liverpool. MEP Nick Griffin praised  a “hard core” delegates for attending the conference. There were about 70 people at the Wavertree Cricket Club. There wer about 30 protestors outside.

The BBC notes:

The delegates backed a motion supporting quantitative easing.

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Sun Uses Nazi Singer Saga To Link Anders Breivik To The BNP

HEARD the story that links the BNP to Anders Breivik, the Norwegian mass murderer and EDL fan? THE Sun’s front-page headline declares:

BNP chief’s Nazi salute to Breivik’s heroine

The BNP chief is Chris Hurst. He can be seen giving the Nazi salute at a Far Right get together in Veroce, 25 miles north of Budapest, Hungary. We learn that he stood against Business Secretary Vince Cable in Twickenham at last year’s general election. He gathered 654 votes. (The Sun shows readers a photo of badges for sale that glory in the Holocaust – which is odd because many neo-Nazis, as well as those on the extreme Left, like to discount that genocide in public and praise it in private.)

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The BNP’s Constitution Is Written In Latin, Greek And Hebrew

BNP’s monocular leaders Nick Griffin, his deputy Simon Darby and party officer Tanya Lumby have been successful at the High Court in defeating a bid by The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) to have Griffin declared guilty of contempt of court in a row over the party’s constitution.

Yep, it has one. There are no clauses on British tea for British teapots, British pets for British pet shops and the capital being moved to its ancient homeland in Hanover. But there was a bit about whites.

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Train Passengers Vote BNP As Overcrowding Gets Worse

MP says that when train overcrowding gets even worse, UK travellers will have to either: a) insert themselves into other passengers in an interlocking system last seen during the last days of Sodom; b) moo.

In readiness, the BBC has guidance on how to leave a packed train. Intriguingly, the answer is not to dress as a jihadi, vote BNP or wet yourself and sit in your own urine – tramps always get plenty of room and a set on the London Underground – but to do as productivity consultant Eugene Chinal. Pushing says:

The thing about efficiency is getting a consistent flow – if flow is impeded you get a build up. It’s the same when driving on the motorway or trying to get into a football stadium.”

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BNP’s Nick Griffin Is Not The Royal Family’s Right Sort Of Nazi: Garden Party Photos

BNP leader Nick Griffin was not at the Queen’s Garden Party of July 22, 2010. He wasn’t there the previous year, either. If Queen Elizabeth II wasn’t to get him in garden, she will have to try harder. The lure of garden party isn’t working.

Anorak suggests she issue a covert invite, possibly in German. The difficulty is having the hounds kept quiet while a fox’s is tail is pinned to Griffin’s suit bottoms. One ruse is to use not a real fox but a photo of Erwin Rommel attached to a short piece of string hooked into a huge pork sausage. Will Griffin take the bait..?

Says a Palace insider:

“It was all so different in King Edward VIII’s day…”

But Andrew Brons was there:

At the National Front, Brons was a close ally of Richard Verrall, the author of the Holocaust-denial tract Did Six Million Really Die?, who was vice-chairman. In 1981, while Brons was chairman, the NF endorsed We are National Front, a pamphlet carrying an introduction from Verrall. It had photographs of Brons and Verrall as well as a picture of a gorilla and a black man stating: “These two creatures look the same, don’t they?”

Conservative MP Julian Lewis says people “do not wish to rub shoulders with neo-Nazis” at garden parties.

No. At least the knobs don’t wish to since the Nazis lost…


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BNP Leader Nick Griffin who has had his invitation to a Buckingham Palace garden party withdrawn today because he was using it for "party political purposes", arrives at Television Studios in Milbank, central London.

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Nick Griffin Banned From Queen’s Garden Party: Pictures

BNP Leader Nick Griffin never made it to the Queen’s Garden Party at Buckingham Palace. But the Palace ruled that he was using it for “party political purposes“. He had earlier called it a “highly symbolic breakthrough” for the BNP. Such is the power of tea.

Last year he never went either. And next year. He probably won’t go. This will go on until the public gets the message that standing in the Queen’s garden sipping over-brewed tea while Prince Philip screams “Pull!” and “Release the hounds!” from his bedroom window is the stuff of dreams.

Better, perhaps, that Mr Griffin meet the Queen on a Stag stalking expedition or on the cross channel ferry to France on August 14th at 754 pm sharp.

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In Pictures: On The Anti-EDL And Anti-BNP March In Whitechapel

IN Whitechapel, East London, the anti-fascists are marching against the BNP and the English Defence League. Voices must be heard. Some marchers are brawling with the police. Less good. At the front of the march is the banner declaring: “TOWER HAMLETS – ONE COMMUNITY MANY CULTURES.” For sure. Whitechapel is in multi-cultural Tower Hamlets. A sense of unity is a noble aim. Tower Hamlets is home to the East London mosque. It’s a fine venue of spirituality. But there are some speakers not all that keen on one community. Do the anti-fascits march on the them next?


Picture 1 of 14

Police clash with anti-English Defence League protesters outside the East London Mosque in Whitechapel, London.

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Video Of BNP’s Bob Bailey Fighting With Asian Lads: Marquis Of Queensbury Weeps

HERE’S a video of the BNP’s Bob Bailey fighting with a few Asian lads. Like you we are shocked and dismayed. The Greta British Marquis of Queensbury would not approve of such non-British behaviour. Keep your guard up. Jab. No kicking. No spitting. And that woman with the huge arse who appears in the non-regulation ring after round 2, needs to get her Spanx on and carry a decent sized card we can see…

Spotter: Bat E Bird

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Is Gordon Brown A Mouthpiece For The BNP?

SEE if you can spot the bigot in our litle game. Gordon says Gillian Duffy is “bigoted”. and – yes – this is the same Gordon Brown who pledged – “BRITISH JOBS FOR BRITISH WORKERS.” It’s a BNP mantra…


Picture 1 of 16

NOTE ALTERNATE CROP. Gillian Duffy leaves her home in Rochdale this morning, the day after Prime Minister Gordon Brown apologised for calling her a "bigot".

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In Pictures: BNP Kickstart Campaign With A Scuffle In Croydon

DID you forget the BNP were contesting seats in the General Election? They needed a stunt to kickstart their campaign. And what better way than a scuffle outside Lunar House, the UK Border Agency building in Croydon? BNP Councillor Robert Bailey from Barking and Dagenham was speaking. An anti-fascist protester broke through a police cordon and tried to punch a BNP member before being tackled to the ground and taken away by police officers. (The police officers are not in the BNP but her to maintain order.) In other news, what did Barking do to deserve this? The BNP and Frank Maloney for your UKIP MP for Barking in one town. Is Frank still backing “BRITIAN”? Or Ian the Brit, as his fans call him?


Picture 1 of 11

Police intervene as British National Party supporters clash with anti-facist demonstrators outside Lunar House, the UK Border Agency building in Croydon.

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Video: Tom Cruise, Russell Brand And The ‘Nazi Boy’ ‘Plot’ To Kill BNP Leader Nick Griffin

NEWS from the BNP Kamp is that the party’s publicity Mark Collett, aka “Nazi Boy” (see the videos here), candidate for Brightside, Sheffield, Ashley Cole rejecter, has been arrested on suspicion of trying to kill its leader Nick Griffin. Russell Brand and Tom Cruise are listening (more on them later).

Leaked papers claim that Collett, 29, tried to launch a “palace coup” against Mr Griffin. Yes, a “palace coup”. Whish is bit like a chicken coup but with more forks.

Says the missive from Kamp HQ:

We are able to say that Mark Collett was conspiring with a small clique of other party officials to launch a ‘palace coup’ against our twice democratically elected party leader, Nick Griffin.”

Twice democratically elected. Even Saddam Hussein – Mr 100% – could not top that.

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The BNP’s Nick Griffin And The AmRe White Supremacist Conference

gay-black-kkkTHE BNP is the friendly party that lets anyone join. Yep, even those non “indigenous people” who came her from Rome, Germany, Africa and places even more remote than Leicester. A reader in the US writes:

Hey, did you know the BNP (griffin and others) were still coming over speaking?

We do now. The Southern Poverty Law Centre reports:

White National Event Canceled Yet Again

After being jilted by yet another hotel, the white nationalist American Renaissance conference was cancelled again last week — this time, for good. The conference, scheduled for Feb. 19-21, had been held biannually since 1994 and featured prominent academic racists, far-right politicians and other extremists from around the world. Over the past several months, however, anti-racists persuaded four Washington D.C.-area hotels to drop the conference, infuriating American Renaissance leader Jared Taylor…

According to Taylor, more than 250 people had paid $135 (excluding hotel and banquet costs) to attend the three-day conference. This year’s event featured 10 speakers, including British National Party chairman Nick Griffin and racist filmmaker Craig Bodeker.

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Rajinder Singh Joins The BNP Airmiles Programme: Pictures

8371860AND so it was that 78-year-old Sikh Rajinder Singh joined the British National Party’s air miles programme.

BNP leader Nick Griffin delivered his keynote speech during the party’s conference at the Legend’s Lounge in Wigan. Rajinder Singh then spoke on a mobile phone near his home in Wellingborough. Is he ordering a first-class flight back to India, land of his birth? What’s it worth, Nick Griffin? What’s the package deal to leave the country?

The BNP’s current Constitution:

The British National Party stands for the preservation of the national and ethnic character of the British people and is wholly opposed to any form of racial integration between British and non-European peoples. It is therefore committed to stemming and reversing the tide of non-white immigration and to restoring, by legal changes, negotiation and consent, the overwhelmingly white makeup of the British population that existed in Britain prior to 1948.

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BNP Welcomes First Asian Member And Everyone From The Bien Pee Club

nick-griffin11THE BNP is gearing up for the election by opening up its membership to prove that racists can be black, white, beige and of all the religions of the world, under pain of law.

(The British National Party allows black, Asian, Muslim, Hindu and other persons to join because continuing to ban them breaches race-relation laws.)

Nick Griffin says that “they can no longer call us racist”. Who they are he does to say, but they might be in with them. It’s the enemy within. Dominc Kennedy (white) joined the rainbow throng:

One man grabbed my nose and tried to remove it from my face. I was seized and shoved out of the door towards a parked car. I threw my hands out to steady myself. A BNP thug snarled: “Don’t touch people’s cars mate.” Obviously, I offered no resistance.

I had gone to the Elm Park pub in Hornchurch to report on a press conference at which Nick Griffin, MEP for North West England and chairman of the British National Party, was to explain how his activists had just passed an historic membership reform.

Although I had been invited, one prominent BNP politician had taken exception to an article in Saturday’s edition of The Times. After he lost his temper with me I was quickly shoved and lifted out of the building, hit in the back and had my face squashed.

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Disgusted By The BNP, UKIP Rebrand Britain As Britian And Call On Frank Maloney To Lead The Way

VOTE Frank Maloney for your UKIP MP for Barking – and make “BRITIAN” a better place. Frank loves BRITIAN. Just. Loves. It. Frank is up against the BNP – the BRITISH National Party. So disgusted is Frank by that bunch of divisive wallies that he has invented a whole new country to distance himself from their perverted version of Britain. Frank gives you “BRITIAN”. It’s Grate!  Vote now. Vote often. Spotter: Andy Mills.


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BNP Legal Officer Says Arson Attack ‘Not A Crime’

LEE Barnes is the BNP’s legal officer. He hears that “Sangatte II”, a French centre for immigrants has been hit by arsonists. This is an illegal act. He writes on his blog ‘The French Rise Up‘:

When governments do not listen to the people, then the people will rise up against the government.

This is not a crime, this is an act of National Liberation.

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BNP Runs ‘British Heritage’ Office In Burnley

bnp-officesWHAT odds that the Lancashire Telegraph’s scoop – “Revealed: The BNP’s ‘secret’ Burnley base” – is written by Tom Moseley?

An “e” can go a long way in Burnley, and while Oswald Mosley curses the one that got away, Tom tells us:

The British National Party has been quietly running an office in Burnley town centre for up to nine years, the Lancashire Telegraph can reveal.

It’s the word “quietly” that adds a noble element to this story. While the Tories were banging their drum, the Labour party was blowing a kazoo, the LibDems were debating who gets to hold the tambourine and the Miss Great Britain Party was throating the slide trombone, the BNP were quietly getting on with the business of hate. How’s that for true British values. You Austrians might like your marching and uniforms, but the BNP never grumble, rain or shine.

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BNP Nick Griffin’s Question Time: Christmas Cancelled, Winston Churchill Tweets And White Trash

bnp4JUST when you thought you’d heard the last of twitchy BNP leader Nick Griffin, up pop the media to tell you that you should be thinking about him.

Before we go on, we have question for Mr Griffin:

If, as you say (we have video evidence), Winston Churchill would have joined the BNP, in what capacity would he have served – as leader or as your subordinate? And if he would have been the BNP’s leader, in what ways would he have made a better leader than you? The Indy sums it up best:

It is not hectoring or mystique, but familiarity that breeds contempt.

Oh for a Sir Jimmy Goldsmith clapping along as the crowed chant “Raus! Raus! Raus!”

Now to all the news and views:

Sky News: “’One In Five Voters Now Considering BNP’”

Shocking news for Sheila and Lucy Cohen to know that one of them or their three grown-up children is a Nazi. But the BNP is all-inclusive (you said that too, Nick.)

More than a fifth of voters would consider voting for the British National Party according to the first opinion poll taken since the controversial appearance of Nick Griffin on Question Time.

Would consider… And then dismiss it?

More than half of those questioned said that they agreed with the BNP, or thought that the party had a point, in wishing to speak up for the interests of the indigenous, white British people which successive governments have done too little to protect.

Into the void created by the mainstream parties’ lack of desire to talk about immigration, race and a media that demonises the white working class steps the BNP.

And as our own Ed Barrett notes:

Today, the white working class has neither political power nor cultural cachet. One consequence of this is that the rest of society sees no reason to hide its distaste when discussing it. In these politically correct times poor whites are just about the only section of society that it is permissible to insult. The council estate, once a symbol of progress (albeit of a bureaucratic penny-pinching variety), is now regarded as the British equivalent of the American trailer park, and its inhabitants, once the harbingers of a coming classless age, are derided as ‘white trash’.

Sky news’s facts leads to the Sun’s front-page headline:

“DOWNFALL – NAZI BACKSLASH FOR GRIFFIN – Nation turns on BNP chief after TV fiasco”

Only seven per cent in the YouGov poll of 1,314 people said they would “definitely” or “possibly” back them.

Down with the BNP!

As the Guardian puts it:

“Ministers warn of poll boost for BNP after Question Time”

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