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BNP Leader Nick Griffin On Question Time: Oddballs, Exposure And A Riot

nick-griffinNICK Griffin, monocular leader of the BNP, is to appear on BBC’s Question Time politics show. You can read what we think of it here and here. But what says the media? What says the media about the BBC’s decision to make its moribund TV show interesting?

The front pages:

“Why even the BNP leader’s wife thinks he is a weirdo” – Mail

“BBC chief: We were right to allow BNP on Question Time” – Guardian

“BNP: Thank you auntie for giving us such a boost” – The Times

“Riot fear over BNP talk show” – Daily Star

Nick Griffin The Man

Daily Mail, Dominic Carman: “DOMINIC CARMAN: A deeply disturbing encounter with the BNP’s Nick Griffin – and the wife who thinks he’s an oddball”

Jackie [Griffin’s wife] pulls no punches when it comes to her husband. The former district nurse later revealed some extraordinary home truths about the couple’s marriage.

“My mother thinks he could do with a damned good slap,’ she confided in me, adding: ‘Nick’s parents taught him that the sun rose and set in his a***. He never had to do anything at home and was told he was always right, he can do everything and he’s wonderful.”

They first met in Suffolk in 1978: she was 15, he was 19 and friends with her sister’s boyfriend.

“Nick was an oddball, never part of the gang,” she says.

Sing along: Nick Griffin is only one oddball, the other is in the…

After graduating in 1980, Griffin worked full time for the National Front.

“I thought he would grow out of it,” says Jackie. “I was earning money, he wasn’t – what a fool I was.”

The couple married in 1985. Joe Pearce, best man at their wedding, was imprisoned twice for inciting race hatred. The Griffins lived on state benefits for more than a year.

“I worked my a*** off trying to keep us going,’ Jackie moaned. “I’ve been… working to keep us going financially and bring up four children while he’s spent his time playing at stupid politics. To Nick, it’s all a game.’

Meanwhile, In Scotland…

The Herald: “BBC ‘bent over backwards’ to accommodate BNP leader”

Mike Russell, the Scottish Culture Minister, said of the decision to invite MEP Nick Griffin, the BNP leader, on to the flagship show tonight: “BBC managers in London must explain why they are bending over backwards to accommodate this overtly racist party, which has absolutely no standing north of the Border.”

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