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Teen Exorcists: Bob Larson, Margaret Thatcher and hunting Satan for Jesus in London

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A COUPLE of nights ago, BBC3 (the network’s “youth channel”) broadcast Dan Murdoch‘s observational documentary Teen Exorcists, the latest example of media fascination with Brynne Larson and her two friends Brynne Tess and Savannah Scherkenback, writes Richard BartholomewThe trio come across as personable, good humoured, and bright – yet they are committed to the beliefs and worldview expounded by Brynne’s father Bob Larson, a man who has been a familiar figure in US media for years with extravagant tales of Satanic cults and of exorcising thousands of people who he says have been spiritually oppressed by demonic powers.

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How To Purge Stinking Homosexual Demons With Bob Larson

WHAT would you say to a “stinking homosexual sex demon”? No need to wonder any longer – Bob Larson is here to help. You can always trust a man who uses hairspray in readiness for talking about gay sex…

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