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Bobby Brown didn’t kill Whitney Houston, okay?

WHEN Whitney Houston died, everyone looked straight at Bobby Brown and start muttering about how this was all his stupid fault, like he was the guy forcibly sticking huge amounts of drugs up her arse or something. Well, Bobby can’t go for that and would like to have his say.

“I’m not the one that got Whitney on drugs, at all,” Brown said in an interview to be aired this week on the Today show on U.S. television network NBC. “I’m not the reason she’s gone.”

Houston was of course  found dead in a Beverly Hills hotel bathtub in February from accidental drowning brought on by cocaine use and heart disease. Authorities noted that white powder and drug paraphernalia were found in the bathroom where she died. You’ll note Bobby Brown wasn’t found under the toilet seat.

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Whitney Houston had a number of drugs in her system when she died, which is incredibly surprising for all

SOME years ago, Whitney Houston said; “the biggest devil is me. I’m either my best friend or my worst enemy.” However, people have been prone to blaming everyone else for the singer’s troubled private life. Of course, when she went and surprised us all by actually dying, everyone immediately assumed it was an overdose and now, there’s an autopsy report which confirms the singer had drugs in her system.

Detectives found white powdery substances and a spoon with white residue in the hotel room where Whitney Houston died according to the report, which is about as surprising as finding out that a member of the clergy is a secret perv.

It transpires that Houston had cocaine throughout her system when she died, with the report adding that there was also a “spoon with a white crystal-like substance in it, a rolled up piece of white paper from off the top of a counter along the east wall of the bathroom.”

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Bobby Brown arrested for DUI, and announces Vegas wedding to Whitney Houston

WHILE Whitney Houston has barely cooled the soil around her in the ground, the circus that blighted her life continues apace. Mere days after the coroner announced that Whitney died of accidental drowning, her ex-husband Bobby Brown was arrested for driving under the influence.

Brown was pulled over on Monday in the San Fernando Valley for talking on his phone. After the police started talking to him, they suspected he might not be ‘all there’, leading the singer to fail his field sobriety test. Of course, Bobby had a tumultuous 14-year marriage with Houston and a long history of drug and alcohol abuse and troubles with the long arm of the law.

Yet, despite all this, it appears that Whitney Houston was planning to remarry Bobby Brown in Las Vegas with their daughter Bobbi Kristina. That’d be Bobbi Kristina who looks like she’s getting her leg over with her ‘brother’. No wonder Whitney was whacked out of her mind all the time.

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Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi gets romantic with… her brother Nick?

UH-OH. Whitney Houston was not a woman you could describe as ‘together’. The same goes for Bobby Brown, as the pair lived out a tempestuous relationship that swirled around mistreatment, drugs and generally looking stoney-dead behind the eyes.

When Whitney died, it looked for all the world like Bobby was going to go completely insane. However, catching everyone on the blindside, it was their daughter Bobbi Kristina who raised eyebrows so far that people are now frowning with their buttocks.

And Whitney’s mother, Cissy Houston, is not happy about it all.

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Bobby Brown lived in a car so Whitney Houston could go to rehab

SO, now that Whitney Houston is dead, we can all say what we like about her because she has no feelings. What gossip is floating around about her? Well, first up, she’s strongly rumoured to have had an affair with Jermaine Jackson (a man hellbent on getting a career out of famous corpses) in ’84.

Allegedly, Jermaine was married to Motown founder Berry Gordy’s daughter at the time, which is nice. He didn’t join the Jacksons’ move to Epic from Motown because of his love for Little Gordy, but alas, found time to (allegedly) dip his wick in Whitney. She was supposedly so besotted with him that she recorded Saving All My Love for You, with a Jermaine lookalike in the video.

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Whitney Houston’s funeral: Bobby Brown, Mel Gibson and Kevin Costner’s tribute to Kevin Costner

WHITNEY Houston’s funeral starred Bobby Brown in the role of chief newsworthy event. TMZ reports that the New Edition singer and former Mr Whitney Bobby wanted to sit next to his daughter Bobbi Kristina in the front row. But Whitney’s relatives were not in agreement. So. After 15 minutes, he left, taking with him his NINE guests.

This was Whitney Houston’s funeral, which whilst being a private one, was also streamed live.

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