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Inland Revenue Worker Steals Nephew’s Trust Fund

swindle-tax-serviceRHONA Haslam, 51, stole £52,000 from her nephew Robert Simpson’s trust fund, set up by his father – her brother – shortly before he died.

She left her nephew with less than £300. Had the fun not been plundered it would be worth almost £80,000.

To Bolton Crown Court, Haslam pleads guilty to forgery, obtaining property by deception and three counts of obtaining money by deception. She his given three years choky.

A detective described the case as ‘one of the most horrendous breaches of trust I have had the misfortune to investigate in my 30 year career’. A judge called her conduct ‘despicable’ and said it went against the ‘normal instincts of human nature’.

And Haslam?

Well, she sued to work for the… Inland Revenue.

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Posted: 31st, July 2009 | In: Money | Comment