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Look at Taylor Swift’s boobs and decide if they’ve magically grown

HAVE you seen Taylor Swift lately? Did you look at her chest? Of course you didn’t. She’s so interminably beige that you probably forgot you were looking at a human at all. Still, rumours abound about her boobs. If she’s creatively and noticeably unnoticeable, she may have done something which is making her stand-out a little more than usual.


Mutterings from those concerning themselves with the anatomy of Taylor Swift, including ‘experts’, have decided that she’s gone from “a small A to a striking C”. Note the language there. Not a ‘lovely A to an equally lovely C’. One is undernourished, the other, resplendent. Either way, HollywoodLife are doing somersaults over Swift’s bits, stirring the pot by comparing two photographs of the singer and getting three pros to give their opinion.

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Has Cheryl Cole Had A Boob Job Or Just Bought A New Bra?

CHERYL Cole is the talk of Hollywood… or, more accurately, because she’s gone to America, she’s the talk of Britain where we’ve heard of her before and eagerly await her failure. That’s not to say she will fail, but rather, everyone suspects she might because America has a way of chewing up and spitting out those who try to conquer it.

Look at Robbie Williams.

Of course, everything in America is bigger and bolder. And, when in Rome, one must do as the Romans do, Cheryl got a backcomb so big that even drag queens thought it was a little on the crass side. Not needing any excuse at all, everyone has started to stare at the Girls Aloud singer’s breasts and now under the impression that she may have had some work done.

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The Boob Job Piggy Bank

THE Boob Job piggy bank is great.

Girls can save up and when they’ve got enough money, use some glue and attach the boob bank to their chest.

The Boob Job piggy bank is rock hard, so just like a genuine fake breast.

Your friends and punters will never be able to tell the difference!

Spotter, Via and here.

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Chanelle Hayes Exposes Omar Bakri’s Plot For Jihad In The Pole Dancing Club

DAYS on from news that mad mullah Omar Bakri paid for his daughter’s boob job and the plan to bring jihad to the country’s gentlemen’s clubs is curtailed.

The Star brings the front-page news that Chanelle Hayes will NOT be having her chest enlarged.

The Big Brother strumpet has made her decision in response to a Star reader’s poll. Tough on the War On Terror, and as patriotic as the next scaffolder, Star readers are turning their backs on artificial breasts, staring Islamofascism in the chest and saying “No”.

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