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Keith Richards Is Writing A Children’s Book. Stop Laughing

WHEN rock musicians get bored, there’s a mental ticklist of things they need to do to stop them from shrivelling up and dying.

They are: painting; an album of ‘standards’; going into ‘the movies’; poetry; acting; something to do with classical music; appearing on a documentary about a niche interest that no-one knew they had, like steam engines or fixing antique cars; and finally – children’s books.

And so, to Keith Richards, who is going for the latter and, apparently, is writing a children’s book. Although, if you’ve seen his hands lately, you’d be surprised if he could hold a pen or punch the letters on a keyboard, let alone write a whole book.

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Top 10 Mike Tyson KOs (Possibly Done On Drugs)


IRON Mike Tyson has admitted in his autobiography that he was on all manner of drugs during some of his fights and even used a fake penis to fool dope testers.

Tyson spoke about all this in his book, Undisputed Truth, which stated that he’d taken ‘blow’ and ‘pot’ before fight. Imagine how good he would’ve been if he wasn’t stoned.

He then revealed how he managed to avoid detection: ‘I had to use my whizzer, which was a fake penis where you put in someone’s clean urine to pass your drug test,’ he said.

Mike also took cocaine and blames that for his press conference brawl with Lennox Lewis, where Tyson bit Lennox’s leg!

Either way, with all that in mind, let us look back at some of Mike Tyson’s finest knock-outs and, in amongst them, you’ll find a little treat, different from the rest.

Spinks KO

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Third Bridget Jones novel to have monumental character death


REMEMBER Bridget Jones and her big knickers, kissing and vague alcoholism? Well, she’s due a new book called ‘Mad About The Boy’ which will look at the now 51 year-old Bridget, only with one notable absence in her life.


Helen Fielding has announced that she has decided to kill off Mark Darcy, the man played by Colin Firth in the flicks, leaving our Isn’t She Just Like Us? heroine massively widowed.

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Thief steals ethics textbook

TO the University of Louisville Police department, where  Terry J. Davis is accised of  stealing a book entitled Resolving Ethical Issues from UofL’s Health Sciences Center and trying to to sell it to Gray’s College Bookstore.

Mr Davis is feared to be a fan of The Only Way is Ethics, the reality TV show for lispers struggling with moral matters and conduct in Basildon…

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Children’s Book Of The Week: A Guide To Bottoms

JON Klassen’s book I Want My Hat Back, Adam Mansbach’s guide to f**king good parenting and now…the children’s guide to bottoms and what goes out of them. (For a guide to what goes in them, see here.)

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Lady GaGa Is Going To Show You EVERYTHING In Her New Book (One Star One Cup)

THERE have been many comparisons between Lady GaGa and Madonna. No bad thing. Rock bands don’t mind being compared to rock’s great and good, so why should it be any different for pop stars?

Well, that’s maybe because pop is supposed to push the envelope hard whereas rock can idly sit around in its pants picking crisps out of its stomach rolls.

Either way, if Madge is losing it, GaGa is taking it. And while her camp pop has stormed pretty much every chart on Earth and her tours have managed to be bigger and weirder than anything Madonna took on the road, soon we’ll all have something else to compare them with.

A book.

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Children Learn To Burn An Elephant: Book Of The Week

IF children are not reading about anal sex in school books and gay penguins, they are learning that elephants can catch fire in a book called A Book Of Opposites. Get a load of the graphics, kidzzz…

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