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Sick and Full of Burning: 13 Regrettable BookTitles

FAR be it from me to stifle creativity – an author should be able to title their work as he or she likes.  However, there is a limit to my tolerance.  Sometimes, the title is so  terrible that it simply must go; creativity be damned.  Here’s a handful of vintage reads which suffer from just such an affliction.


12 Chinks and Woman by James Hadley Chase (1941)


12 CHINKS AND A WOMAN by James Hadley Chase - 1948


I understand people weren’t as sensitive to racial issues back then, but this is ridiculous.  The novel’s title was later changed to The Doll’s Bad News; a wise move, but you can’t undo this level of epic racism.  This from the author who gave us these other great titles: The Marijuana Mob (1950), There’s a Hippie on the Highway (1970) and Goldfish Have No Hiding Place (1974).


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The 10 most awful books covers and titles

ARE these the 10 most awful book titles and covers in English literature? (More epic covers here. And more lusty stuff is here.)

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Book of The Day: Cooking With Poo

BOOK of the Day: Cooking with POO.

In Thailand, Saiyuud Diwong’s book “Cooking with Poo” is a hit. In Thai “poo” means “crab”, For reasons unspecified, Poo is also Diwong’s nickname.

It’s funny how one word can mean something so different in another language or time. For instance, in 14th Century Albanian, Jamie Oliver is a ‘gonad tongue’, a “term of endearment”.

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