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Boris Johnson Explains Why The MSM Is Failing

I HAD intended to ignore the latest Boris Johnson effluvia – not unusual for me, as most readers know I am not a fan. His much vaunted “intelligence” is, I believe, grossly over-rated. Too many people, in my view, mistake low cunning, honed by years in a political environment, for intelligence, writes Richard North.

However, numerous e-mails and other contacts, plus an analysis on Witterings from Witney persuaded me to look at it, as it addresses the vexed question of the comments sections on The Daily Telegraph. It appears that the anarchy, ill-temper, and outright trollery that we experience is considered acceptable by Johnson, but approval of any such view should be tempered by several consideration.

Firstly, and rather unfortunately, Johnson displays his usual quotient of ignorance, confusing the “blogosphere” with the “commentariat”. The man refers to the comments by the former and actually believes that the low-grade comment section to his articles is part of the “blogosphere”. As an aside, the confusion, in itself, is so fundamental that it merely demonstrates why, as a commentator, Johnson is a waste of space – not worth the time spent reading him.

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Posted: 18th, January 2011 | In: Politicians | Comment