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Bradford Evokes Allah In Appeal To ‘Dirty’ Muslims

BRADFORD Council has targeting god-fearing Muslim in its anti-littering leaflets. However, the Telegraph & Argus reports that the 16,000 of the full-colour flyers were pulped when councillors spotted the potential to cause offence.

The leaflet states:

“There is no excuse for dropping litter and living in a dirty neighbourhood. Dumping rubbish on the streets makes the area look horrible. It is also illegal..What does Islam say about the environment we live in?”

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The Bradford Pizza Mystery: Local News Story Classic

LOCAL News Story of The Day is in the Bradford Telegraph & Argus, which announces:

Owner of pizza bar says sorry and blames computer glitch

It gets even better:

A family are disgusted with a Bradford fast food restaurant after their son was labelled with an abusive term on a receipt delivered with their pizza order. The Gill family have vowed to boycott Rajas pizza bar in Oak Lane, Manningham, that they have used for more than five years, after the insult appeared on their computerised bill.

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Local News Story Of The Day: Bradford Stinks – But Why?

LOCAL news story of the week comes to use via the Bradford Telegraph & Argus where the mystery of a foul smell continues to befuddle.

A mystery surrounds the source of a bad smell which hit Bradford city centre yesterday morning. Workers began to turn up their noses at the rotten odour around 10am as the weather began to hot up.

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Bradford Police Seek Man With Trotters For Hands

IN Bradford a boy has found a finger on the street. He hands it to the police. The Homicide and Major Enquiry team from West Yorkshire Police close the area and make a sweep.

A mere 24 hours late the finger is found to be a pig’s trotter.

We make no comment on the state of human hands in West Yorkshire…

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Dancer Paid To Have Epileptic Fit On Stage, Jedward Dance On

epileptic-dancerANSWERING the question “How do you follow autistic Jedward, the X Factor Duracell Gonks?”, the Arts Council pushes an epileptic dancer into the stage and pays her £14k to stop taking her medication and fit on stage.

Laydeesandgentalmeen, we give you Rita Marcalo. Rolling-Eyed Rita will dance for 24-hours. She will not sleep. She will appear under strobe lighting. This is not exploitation, viewers – this is “conceptual and physical interfaces between dance, movement and epilepsy”.

This sit not paying the sufferer loadsa money to perform for our titillation and amusement. This is art, you ignorant heathen.

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