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The ridiculously catchy Breaking Bad remix

After the remix of Breaking Bad seasons 1 and 2, this is what YouTuber placeboing did with the hit show’s next three seasons. It works ridiculously well.


In case you missed it:

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London gets ready to cook at the Breaking Bad bar


Breaking Bad bar London


London is getting bar ABQ, a venue set in a large RV named after the setting of the TV show Breaking Bad in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

For £30, 22 punters-a-time will not get to sample the blue meth, but”cook” two drinks.

Anyone unable to afford £15 drinks can pop along to Danny’s Burger RV (formerly Danny’s Burger Van) on the M62 betweeen 2am and 5am every weekday, where so long as you’ve got the cash, Danny’s pretty much got anything you want.



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Vince Gilligan says: stop tossing pizzas on the Breaking Bad House

BreakingBadPizza jagoff

Fans of Breaking Bad like to re-enact the scene from the Caballo Sin Nombre episode that features Walter White flipping a pizza on to the roof of his house. That house is a home in New Mexico. And Vince Gilligan, the show’s creator, says the homeowner isn’t too chuffed with cold, rotting dead pizzas on her roof.

He says:

“There is nothing original or funny or cool about throwing a pizza on this lady’s roof. It’s just not funny, it’s been done before. You are not the first. We love our fans; I don’t love those fans. I don’t even consider them fans, I consider them jagoffs.”


Ah. You’ve just given them a group name, Vince. Now they’re a tribe. And the kind of witless loser who tossers a pizza onto a roof in a tribute to a TV show is the kind of fool who buys a ‘I’m A JAGOFF’ T-shirt to go with his Billy The Bass Fish and ability to recite entire passages from Spinal Tap.

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Breaking Bad Meth Doll Brian Cranston Vows To Burn His Florida Mom Action Figure

FLORIDA mums (at least one of them) says it’s wrong that Breaking Bad toys and meth (accrding to the Sun) are being sold in branches of Toys R Us.

Bryan Cranston responds:

Screen shot 2014-10-21 at 21.10.36


Spotter: Time

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The Breaking Bad Action Figures Come With Free Crystal Meth But No Atomic Bomb

Breaking Bad toys


THE Sun says TOYS R Us has been “blasted for encouraging kids to ‘play with meth’ by selling Breaking Bad toys.”

Doubtless the shop could offer a 2-4-1 deal with its Toy Chemistry Kits.



But that’s not necessary, the Sun adds that the meth is already supplied:

The retailer is flogging dolls of the show’s main characters, which come with gas masks and bags full of drug money and crystal meth.

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Meet The Real Walter White, Alabama’s True Meth King

walter white meth

MEET Walter White, Alabama’s leading  methamphetamine cook. The real Walter White is not on the Breaking Bad TV show. He’s on Vice’s Fringes. He says:

My name is Walter White and I’m a meth cook and for 10 years I had the best meth in Alabama. And if you wanted the best meth, you had to come this way, you had to come to me.

Waler got in to the meth business for the conversation and dental plan. No, not really. It was for the cash. He’s trail begins in April 2014:

If I have to go to prison, I won’t be hurting anybody but myself this time. It’s just me answering up to the things I’ve done. My family, they’ve got jobs and lives. I won’t be hurting them this time.

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Someone buys Breaking Bad underpants for nearly $10k (NOT FOR CHARITY)

breaking bad guns

BREAKING BAD is a show that divides everyone straight down the middle. You’ve got people who haven’t seen it and you’ve got people who love it, constantly tweet about it and make everyone else hate it even more. There is no middle ground.

On the Mental And I Love It side of things, one fan spent $9,900 on the underpants worn by Walter White from Breaking Bad. One can assume that Walter White had more than one pair of undercrackers, but there you go.

The show collaborated with Sony Pictures and Screenbid to hold a 10-day auction, where fans could bid for all manner of things.

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What if Breaking Bad was made in the UK?

WHAT is Breaking Bad had been made in the UK?

breaking bad in the UK

Note: Mister White is on a zero hours contract and no longer has a job.


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