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Porno Titties For Breast Cancer

pornhubThis might be the finest offer of corporate sponsorship ever. It is simply, in it’s initial form, so perfect that the refusal of the donation is absurd. For what one of the porn sites on the web did was offer a donation to one of the charities dealing with breast cancer. More than that, it offered a sum of money for each video of boobies watched in the relevant, let’s all be aware of breast cancer, month:

In 2012, the Susan G Komen Foundation declined a donation from which had raised one cent for every boob video viewed on the site,

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Breast cancer advert that hits hard and informs

MEL B wants us to think about her breasts as we worry about breast cancer. The former Spice Girl comes cross as vain and vapid.

A better advert has been created by the Scottish Government. It features actress Elaine C. Smith, whose mother died of breast cancer.

If you find a gurning canker on your breasts, then try not to worry – you’re Mel B and used to it.

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Breast Cancer awareness advert features real breasts poking through a billboard

THE advert for the Associação da Luta Contra o Câncer in Mozambique uses real women to push their real breasts through glory holes and have them felt by other real women. You might suppose that this is a selfless act of education by the boobs’ owners who are suffering from breast cancer and want to teach other women what the disease feels like. But that would be wrong. These boobs are just healthy breasts waiting to be ‘examined’.

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