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Chelsea balls: Brendan Rodgers arrives via Tube (Christian Gross nowhere)

Brendan Rodgers has been “spotted in London”. The Mirror sees the photos and ads that the former Liverpool manager’s trip to the big city comes “as rumours of return to Chelsea gather pace”.

Rodgers worked with Jose Mourinho when the Portuguese was first at Chelsea. The Blues could do much worse than recruit the coach to their team. Rodgers has talent and vision.

The Mirror adds that “managerial posts in the capital have also recently opened up at QPR and Fulham.”

The Express contrives: “Ex Liverpool’s Brendan Rodgers spotted in London to talk roles at Chelsea, Fulham or QPR?”

Echoed by the Mail: “Brendan Rodgers spotted in London… so was the former Liverpool manager using Waterloo Station to get to a job interview?

All those journalists on the football beat and not one has a clue.

It’s all utter drivel, of course. Rodgers was spotted not being whisked to a ground by car, but riding the Tube alone (no lawyer), having reached London via a train to Waterloo.



Brendan Rodgers rides tube


Joseph thinks seeing a man on the London Underground warrants a “Haha”. It’s the kind of laugh that says ‘Wouldn’t this be great if this was funny”.

But there is something thrilling about seeing a famous face.


Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 08.23.42


Look out for Rodgers on a TV show very soon. It’s the media career they crave.

Note: It reminds us of former Spurs manager Christian Gross who travelled to his first press conference on the Tube. He showed everyone the ticket as a symbol of his empathy with the ordinary fan.

The idea that someone as vain as Rodgers would so reduce himself to the status of ordinary bloke is laughable.

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Vale Liverpool: Brendan Rodgers’ top 10 quotes

brendan rodgers quotes


Liverpool have sacked Brendan Rodgers, the man who liked to talk in parables. He’s was much the Jesus of middle-management-style football coaching. Here were his greatest hits…

1. ”It was a perfect away performance, apart from the first 10 minutes.”

2. “I’ve always said that you can live without water for many days, but you can’t live for a second without hope.”

3. On Luis Suarez: “He is a real warrior of spirit.”

4. “My biggest mentor is myself because I’ve had to study, so that’s been my biggest influence.”

5. “I am not a power freak.” (We think the lady doth protest too much!)

6. “I started coaching for one reason and that was to make a difference for people, not just as footballers but as human beings.”

7. “When we have the football, everybody’s a player.”

8. “You train dogs, I like to educate players.”

9. ‘I think there’s three players who will let us down this year — the cause, the fight, everything – and I have written them down already in these three envelopes. Make sure you are not in one of the envelopes.”

10.”I use a quote with the players,“Per aspera ad astra”, which is Latin for ‘through adversity to the stars’.”


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Liverpool: Brendan Rodgers sacked, moves one step closer to England job

No sooner had his Liverpool side drawn 1-1 against Everton in this afternoon’s Merseyside derby than Brendan Rodgers found himself out of a job.

According to the BBC, the decision to can Rodgers was made by the Liverpool higher-ups at 18:30 BST, just hours after full-time.

Announcing the news via a joint statement on the official Liverpool website, owner John W Henry, chairman Tom Werner and president Mike Gordon said:

We would like to place on record our sincere thanks to Brendan Rodgers for the significant contribution he has made to the club and express our gratitude for his hard work and commitment.

All of us have experienced some wonderful moments with Brendan as manager and we are confident he will enjoy a long career in the game.

Although this has been a difficult decision, we believe it provides us with the best opportunity for success on the pitch. Ambition and winning are at the heart of what we want to bring to Liverpool and we believe this change gives us the best opportunity to deliver it.

The latest from the club’s owners is that they are hoping to appoint a new manager – and Jurgen Klopp is runaway favourite to take the gig – in a “decisive and timely manner”.

And here’s us thinking Brendan, for all his many and obvious flaws, wasn’t doing too bad a job at Anfield.

Ruthless business.

And how about Rodgers for England? He’d be good. He has vision.

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Liverpool: Brendan Rodgers would make a great England manager

Liverpool are looking limp under Brendan Rodgers. Jurgen Klopp is the media’s favourite to take over should Rodgers get the boot. In the Times Matt Dickinson asks readers to pause and remember that Rodgers is no fool. A talented manager, which Rodgers certainly is, does not become rubbish.

There may be fun to be had with @DeludedBrendan and the mocking tweets but, beyond the David Brent gags, the Rodgers who emerges from Gerrard’s book deserves to be taken seriously; a sharp tactician, a strong communicator, an astute improver of players.

Sometimes he can get a little carried away and, as Gerrard notes, he is ambitious perhaps to the point of ruthlessness. But there emerges a portrait of an upwardly mobile manager who, if unwanted by Liverpool at the end of this season, would be very welcome in an England tracksuit as the successor to Roy Hodgson.

Rodgers for England? You hear it and it makes sense.

…Rodgers is the one with top-level coaching and managerial experience, a record of improving young players, especially English ones. Or, as he once said in one of those quotes that seem to polarise opinion: “My life’s work has been trying to show that British players can play.”

Dickinson quotes from Gerrard’s book:

Read Gerrard recount in compelling detail about when he went to see Rodgers because he felt off-form and could not fathom the problem. The speed with which his manager came back with detailed analysis about a lack of head movement, and how it was affecting the tempo of the captain’s passing game, is striking. There are plenty of stories from Gerrard of Rodgers’ ability to motivate as well as innovate. The book is littered with lines like “the training sessions were among the best I had ever experienced while his man-management was excellent, generous and imaginative”; “it needed a bold appointment from the owners — and I think they got it right with Brendan”; “Brendan came across as a nice man, and a good person, from the start”; “a very human man-manager”.

Of course, there is some blunt criticism, too; a dubious signing or two and, most notably, a critique of that fateful, gung-ho approach against Chelsea with the title at stake fuelled by “an overconfidence in Brendan’s team talks” and not recognising the need to temper his boldness.

Jason Burt has also talked of Rodgers being the ideal England candidate:

The FA needs direction, maybe even an evangelical approach. It intends to keep Hodgson in place until the completion of the 2016 European Championship when his contract expires, when he will be close to celebrating his 69th birthday. He is likely to go then, so the clock is ticking as regards his successor. The answer seems clear: it should be Brendan Rodgers…

Here is a man who clearly has “ that vision thing”. Not just in an identifiable and entertaining modern style of play – you could put his Liverpool team in any colour shirt and they would be recognisably Liverpool – but in developing players as people. He has both a “holistic” approach, to borrow Manchester City’s phrase, and a much deeper sense of pastoral care and social responsibility.

It does not matter that Rodgers comes from Northern Ireland. The FA should read his words and call him, to discover if he would want to be involved in finding “that vision thing”. Hodgson should welcome his input. It would not undermine him.

And then there is Steven Gerrard, who says:

“The way he [Rodgers] plays would suit England. He would improve the possession football you need at international level. His man management is brilliant. At tournaments, in the heat, it is absolute torture and we need to keep the ball better. If you want someone who would get the team playing and the players would enjoy working with, it would be Brendan.”

Rodgers for England. It makes sense.

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Liverpool balls: Who called Brendan Rodgers a ‘tactical genius’? Brendan Rodgers did

Who said that Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers was a genius? Says Rodgers…

 “Three months ago I was a tactical genius, performing to a good level.”

Former Liverpool great Steve Nicol tells the Daily Mail:

“I’d love to know who was calling him a ‘tactical genius’, Brendan. When was he a tactical genius? When was he a tactical genius against Ludogorets, against Real Madrid, against Basel? When was he a tactical genius against Aston Villa in the FA Cup? I mean, come on.”

What kind of wally would have called Rodgers a genius? Well, Nichol might not be a Daily Mail reader because it was that paper’s Adrian Durham who opined:

“Rodgers did the legwork, learned his trade, soaked up knowledge and look where he is now.  Tactical genius. That’s what Brendan Rodgers is.”

He wasn’t the only one:

Peter Fraser on Sky: “Liverpool’s Brendan Rodgers should be considered a managerial genius whatever happens”

Of course, Rodgers has mentioned his genius before. This is from 2014:

“I know how it goes. Six or seven months ago I was the manager of the year and I was going to be this and that, tactically this and tactically that, and now, because we have lost two world-class players, I am useless. But I accept that. I must have just dreamt that about Liverpool playing 3-4-3 in the last game [the Capital One Cup victory at Bournemouth]. What do people think that was, a bit of luck? A British coach playing 3-4-3? A foreign coach doing that would be a tactical genius. I imagine people think I fell into that system through a stroke of luck or something.”

So. Who called Rodgers a tactical genius? Well, Rodgers did…


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Liverpool balls: Rodgers cranks up the pressure on Jordan Ibe

Liverpool manger Brendan Rodgers is complaining about Londoner Jordon Ibe, the 19-year-old with two Reds’ games under his belt.

“If he was a European player, a foreign player, people would be raving about him.”

You mean like, say, Mario Balotelli, on whom Rodgers and Liverpool invested £16m?

They are raving about Ibe. The Daily Mail says:

Jordan Ibe shines for Liverpool

Steven Gerrard called Ibe “fantastic”.

You see, Brendan, English players do get rave reviews. Foreigners don’t all get special treatment.

But English players can be hyped. Says Rodgers of Ibe’s game against Everton:

“He’s a very, very talented player, you saw that in the game, saw his temperament. He can go into any arena in the world now.”

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Liverpool Balls: Brendan Rodgers got Divock Origi on the never-maybe

Liverpool Balls: LFC manager Brenadan Rodgers has been talking about Divock Origi:

January 15:

“There have been discussions [over Divock Origi]. He’s a player that will definitely be here next summer. Whether he’ll be here or not in January is something that there has been discussion about”

November 21:

“The young player we signed last summer, it was always on the understanding that he had to stay at Lille. I’ve seen reports that he’ll be coming back early but that was never the case. When we signed the player, it was one of the main reasons we were able to sign him — he would have to stay at Lille for this season”

He’s football’s Mr Consistency….



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Liverpool Balls: Anfield Gives Rodgers A Boo-Who

HOW does the media report on the Liverpool crowd’s reaction to the Red’s 2-1 defeat at home to Chelsea in the Premier League?
In the Sunday Times, it’s the leads sports story:
Screen shot 2014-11-09 at 08.55.08
The story is that Rodgers, not Liverpool, was being booed.
The ever-ludicrous tells readers:

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Liverpool: Brendan Rodgers look-alike parks his Porsche at single woman’s home


THANKS to Lord Leveson’s report on the media, footballer kiss ‘n’ tells have been thinner than Victoria Beckham’s smile. But today the Sun makes a fist at one:

Liverpool boss’s secret visits to love split mum

Secret? Well, not that secret, not if the Sun saw him.

The story is brought to readers by RUTH WARRENDER, STEPHEN MOYES and LAUREN VEEVERS. Yes, just three reporters works on this scoop.

FOOTIE boss Brendan Rodgers has befriended a mum in the middle of a split from her Liverpool fan husband.

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Liverpool: Rodgers says Suarez is ‘chomping at the bit’

suarez chomp

LIVERPOOL: Brendan Rodgers is talking about Luis Suarez, banned from football for biting an opponent:

“It has been a really difficult time for him not playing games. How he has prepared himself over the last number of weeks has been fantastic. He’s really chomping at the bit to help the team. Everyone knows the depth of his quality and his attitude. Once he gets back on the field again he will show what he has shown since he’s been here.”

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Liverpool: Brendan Rodgers says Pepe Reina is not telling the truth

Liverpool's Jose Reina (left) and manager Brendan Rodgers walk off dejected after the final whistle

FOOTBALL Balls looks at Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers and his former goalkeeper Pepe Reina. You can read what Reina think of his transfer to Napoli here.

Says Brendan Rodgers:

“He had been at the club a number of years and done well but I didn’t do anything underhand. I looked him (Pepe Reina) in the eye and told him I was thinking of bringing in another goalkeeper good enough to be No1. He accepted that at the time. When he decided he wanted to go on loan to Napoli I never got the two No1s I had wanted but I still ended up with a good goalkeeper” 

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Transfer Balls – Liverpool: Suarez snubs Gerrard’s testimonial dinner and Arsenal lack class

Liverpool's manager Brendan Rodgers looks on during the Europe League, round of 32, first leg match, between Liverpool FC and Zenit St. Petersburg in St.Petersburg, Russia, Thursday, Feb. 14, 2013. (AP Photo/Dmitry Lovetsky)

TRANSFER Balls: News on Liverpool’s Luis Suarez in today’s media.

The Daily Star leads with news that Brendan Rodgers says Arsenal lack “class“. In the insane world of football, Rodgers views an offer of £40m plus £1 offer for a player who wants to leave as a sign of low upbringing. Making a bid for a footballer now requires etiquette. Maybe Wenger should deliver any further handwritten missives on a plump purple cushion?

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Transfer balls: Brendan Rodgers says Liverpool don’t need competition

TRANSFER Balls: When not consulting the Neville Chamberlain Bumper Book of Deal Making to negotiate with Luis Suarez, Brendan Rodgers is talking about Pepe Reina:

On June 22, Rodger told one and all what the signing of Simon Mignolet meant for Pepe:

“Pepe Reina and I went out for a meal a couple of months before the end of the season and I told him exactly what we were going to do, which was to provide real competition in that area.”

With Reina now at Napoli, Rodgers now adds:

“It was obviously a difficult decision. From last season I was led to believe that we were going to get an offer for Pepe that would probably see him leave the club…

It wouldn’t have served any purpose, both for the club and him personally, if he’d been the one missing out.”

What about the competition, Brendan?

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Transfer Balls: Brendan Rodgers leaves Liverpool’s Luis Suarez confused


TRANSFER Balls: Anorak looks at Liverpool’s Luis Suarez. Today we focus on Brendan Rodgers, a man whose learnt his negotiating skills from Neville Chamberlain, and the Daily Mirror, which seems to make t up as it goes along:

On July 19, he said that the Suarez saga would not go to the final day of the transfer season:

“It is not going to run that far. I don’t want to put a deadline on it or set a date but it’s not something which will run too long. We are totally in control of the situation.”

No deadline. But it will not run for that long. Confused? The Mirror told us on July 4:

Luis Suarez has three weeks to sort out his future.

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Transfer Balls: Liverpool invite Arsenal to come and get Luis Suarez

TRANSFER Balls: A few days in the life of Liverpool’s Luis Suarez:

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers says Suarez will only join Arsenal, Chelsea or Real Madrid this summer if something drastic happens”.

The Express says “drastic” might be Real Madrid striker Alvaro Morata heading to Liverpool as part of a Suarez-swap deal.

The Hartlepool Mail says “drastic” might be as bid of £55m, the ridiculous sum Rogers says Suarez is worth:

“It was an offer for what they (Arsenal) considered his value and worth. Obviously for a player of his quality, when you consider that Cavani has gone for £55million you know… Luis is up there in that bracket of top talent. Obviously it was an offer we didn’t deem worthy of the talent and even if they came back with that kind of amount (£55million) there’s no guarantee he would be sold even for that because we are trying to build something here.”

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Liverpool’s Brendan Rodgers v Wolves Dean Saunders in battle of the bilge

WHILST Liverpool’s Brendan Rodgers continues to talk nonsense, we glance down the leagues to see if any rising star can match the master of bilge. Wolves boss Dean Saunders is making his pitch. Speaking after his side’s 0-2 defeat to Championship leaders Cardiff, Saunders noted:

I have got self-belief. If you said to me ‘Do you want to open the batting for England. They are playing down the road’, I’d say ‘Go on then, give me a bat’.Then I’d get to the bottom step and see the fast bowler marking his run-up and realise I can’t do that. But my first reaction is ‘I will give it a go’.”

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After Liverpool lose to Zenit Brendan Rodger and Dominic King leave us laughing

LIVERPOOL lose 3-1 to Zenit St Petersburg in the Europa Cup. Over two legs they tied at 3-3, going out on the away goals rule.  Two quotes about the game are worthy of repeating here. Brandan ‘Polyanna’ Rodgers, the Liverpool manager:

“I don’t think the players could have done any more, the crowd certainly couldn’t have done any more. It was one of those nights. It was a fantastic night but unfortunately we probably lost the tie over there.”

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Has Brendan Rodgers lost the plot at Liverpool?

SO. Brendan Rodgers Liverpool lose 1-0 to the mighty Anzhi Makhackkala in Moscow. Rodgers picked a largely young, inexperienced side. Would the club’s star names have fared better?

Says Rodgers:

“I don’t think I should have brought the likes of Gerrard, not at all…We just got punished for one mistake, otherwise the players who were here did fantastically well, and it wouldn’t have mattered if those other players were here.”

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Brendan Rogers is a nutcase, says Liverpool’s Brendan Rogers

IS ANDY Carroll leaving Liverpool? Brendan Rogers, Liverpool’s new Messiah, has news:

“I need a minimum of three strikers. Once the window shuts, that is it until January. I have got Luis Suarez, Fabio Borini and Andy Carroll. I would need to be a nutcase to even consider letting Andy Carroll go at this moment” – Brendan Rodgers, August 23.

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