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Lake Annecy Murders: Ex-RAF pilot Brett Martin says what he saw

LAKE Annecy murders: Anorak’s look at the four murders in the news media: Meet Brett Martin, the former RAF pilot who was first on the scene. He’s talked on camera to the BBC. Why?

Linked In says a Brett Martin was a “B757 Pilot at Air 2000; Air Defence Weaponeering Instructor (pilot) at Royal Air Force“.

He tells the BBC that he did not see the four-year-old child. He says the bodies were slumped. It does not surprise him that Zaina al-Hilli was not seen. He says it was like a movie.

“If you’ve seen CSI Miami it was pretty much what you would imagine the set from CSI Miami would be like. There was a lot of blood and heads with bullet holes in them.”

Why would a witness to such horror go on the telly? He was asked. Is it that simple?

The Daily Mail says French police are “baffled“; Zainab al-Hilli, 7, has not been interviewed fully; she may lose an eye; the former RAF officer who “stumbled on the carnage” is back in the UK.

Facts are: Saad Al-Hilli, 50, mother Ikbal al-Hilli, 47, Suhaila al-Allaf, 74, and Sylvain Mollier, have been murdered. All shot twice in the head. A double-tap. Police style.

Eric Maillaud, the French prosecutor says:

“She [Zainab]…is the only person alive who actually could have seen something.”

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