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Liverpool ‘Trolls’ And The Trouble With Fabregas And Torres At Chelsea

THE Daily Mirror’s Brian Reade – the man who ‘assassinated’ an area and its white population in the “White Man’s Gulch” of Eltham – is upset at treatment meted out to Chesela’s Cesc Fabregas And Liverpool’s Fabio Borini:

Why are Fabio Borini and Cesc Fabregas now having to defend themselves against online character assassinations?

That question is soon followed by another?

Borini, who spurned two moves away from Anfield this summer has taken abuse from Sunderland, QPR and Liverpool trolls for being a greedy little git. Since when has having the determination to fight for your place at the club you signed for been a crime?

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Stephen Lawrence: Gary Dobson drops his appeal and the white working class swoon

Stephen Lawrence trial

GARY Dobson will not appeal his life sentence for his part in the murder of Stephen Lawrence. He’s dropped his appeal. Dobson, 36, and the connected David Norris, 35, were both imprisoned the 1993 murder of the black teenager.

But David Norris is appealing. Good. The thought of that odious scrote having his hopes raised and repeatedly dashed is satisfying.

Stephen Lawrence’s mother Doreen says of Dobson’s move:

“Now that Gary Dobson has dropped his appeal I can only assume it is because he has finally admitted he murdered Stephen. He could have done this much earlier and avoided the pain and heartache me and my family have had to suffer over so many years. I now hope that David Norris will do the same and avoid prolonging my pain. I also hope that those others who were involved on the 22nd April 1993 follow Gary Dobson’s lead and admit their own involvement.”

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Brookside Actor Brian Reade Charged With Murder: Barry Grant Missing

WHATEVER happened to Brookside likely lad Brian Regan. He played Terry Sullivan, a chracter implicated in the murder of Sue Harper (Barry Grant did it)?

Well, he’s been charged with murdering Bahman Faraji, 44, in Aigburth on 24 February 2011 and perverting the course of justice.

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London Stockbroker Kills Himself

anjool-maudeANJOOL Malde, a stockbroker who “feared he was about to lose his job”, threw himself from the top of the City’s Coq d’Argent restaurant near the Bank of England.

He was 24.

He had been told by his Deutsche Bank employers on Friday to leave work early following ‘an inquiry into an IT matter’.

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Daily Mirror Backs Conservative’s Slug Eating Campaign

BRIAN Reade, writing in the Mirror, says he “loves it when a Nice-But-Dim Tory reveals himself to be the kind of animal we always knew he was. One with the heart of a wolf and the brain of a slug.

“Take health spokesman Andrew Lansley who believes recession can be good for people because they will eat less.”

Reads muses: “If only the Tories had been around in 1845 when the Irish potato famine started…”

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The BNP List Is A Dead Loss

THAT leaked list of BNP members continues to make headlines.

The Sun leads with the news, “Palace pair are in BNP”. This is illustrated by a picture of not the dear old Queen Mum, but Her Majesty.

Inside, the members are revealed to be HRH “storeman Paul Murray and a retired porter”.

As a source tells the paper:

“Although his [Murray] name is on the list he has told us that it is only on there because he was invited to a social event that he did not attend.”

Also on the list is a Talk Sport Radio DJ called Rod Lucas. He says he joined up for “journalist research”.

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Laughing At The Unemployed City Boy Terrorists

THE Mirror is celebrating the loss of so many jobs in the City. Thousands – secretaries, traders, money makers, revenue, caterers, wealth generators, bar staff, cleaners and more – are looking at redundancy and the Mirror, voice of the worker, is delighted:

Brian Reade:

But I’m still laughing so hard at the sight of those City Boys departing Avarice Towers with their possessions in champagne boxes, that my face is redder than a glistening new Ferrari.

Or redder than an unpaid utility bill. Happily he then wishes death upon them.

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Sarah Palin Watch: Paris Hilton’s Moose In Lipstick

SARAH Palin Watch: Anorak’s look at Sarah Palin in the British media…

BRIAN READE (Mirror): One of Reade’s “Big Questions”

“SARAH PALIN admitting she still gets up at 3am to hunt moose. If she fails to make vice-president, will she do a showbiz column with Paris Hilton and Kelly Osbourne called the 3am Moose.”

Back Obama can use that joke against women’s looks, if he likes…

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