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Dishonouring The Dead In Bridgend’s Suicide Town

TO Bridgend, where Sky news announces: “Hanged: Another Bridgend Suicide.”

A 17-year-old boy from an area blighted by apparent young suicides has been found hanged.

Can you have apparently committed suicide, or be apparently young?

The story is, of course, Bridgend, which the media has turned into suicide town.

Boy found hanged in ‘suicide town’,” screams the Scotsman.

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Posted: 30th, December 2008 | In: Reviews | Comment

How Barack Obama Will Save Bridgend, End Knife Crime And Sadness

IN it’s news review of the year, the Guardian’s Decca Aitkenhead takes readers “from the election of Barack Obama to economic meltdown, from the Beijing Olympics to the Baby P trial”. She “recalls the year’s best and worst times”.

But rather than being a time to reflect and make sense of things, Aitkenhead ends with a spot of mawkish media sensation, a spot of Mourn Porn:

Perhaps the saddest place of all in Britain was Bridgend, where another young suicide in August brought the total to 23 since 2007. The mystery of why so many youngsters did want to die was one no one could answer.

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Suicide Watch: Craig Ewart Is Not The Bridgend Of The World

CRAIG Ewart is being filmed dying at the Swiss clinic Dignitas.

His death will be broadcast on Sky Real Lives programme Right to Die?, Mr Ewert drinks a fatal dose of barbiturates, as prescribed by a local doctor.

His reasons:

“If I go through with it I die, as I must at some point. If I don’t go through with it, my choice is essentially to suffer and to inflict suffering on my family and then die. Possibly in a way that is considerably more stressful and painful than this way.”


Sky is owned by Rupert Murdoch’s news Leviathan, which also owns the Sun, where suicide is will treated with not a bit of sensation. Readers may remember Bridgend, a place the Sun was keen to label Suicide Town.

While Switzerland, with its strong sense of civic pride, gnomes and fascism is a place that actively encourages suicidal thoughts, Bridgend is something else.

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