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Australian ‘The Italian Job’ Mini Cooper doesn’t quite evade the police

IF you are going to set up a road block, it might be an idea to block the road. fail, police, police log, crime, Brisbane, police trap, police chase, crime, The Italian JobAlso, suspect that the wanted driver will try to evade the barricades by, erm driving around them.

To Brisbane, Australia, then, where a Mini Cooper driver is confronted by a police trap. What to do? The two young men inside the vehicle have stolen the green Mini,  robbed a booze shop, punching the clerk in the process.

In this video, the police look pretty dumb. But they remain just that bit shaper than the idiot criminals, who evade the stinger only to drive into a fence.

They are soon captured.

The Italian Job it’ ain’t:

Spotter: Nighthawkwill7, Jaliopnik

Posted: 1st, July 2013 | In: Strange But True | Comment