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Brits Are Most Adventurous Lovers, Says Sex Survey

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THINK of some sexy people. The Swedes – they’re notoriously comfortable with their bodies, if soft pornography taught us anything. The Germans too. Seen how small their Speedos get? Or maybe some South American country is the sexiest? They’re all passionate and live in a perpetual state of shouting and arousal.

Well, thanks to a sex survey, we now know that the most adventurous when it comes to sex, the British have it. Presumably thanks to years of suppressing our feeling and dire weather, we’ve realised that every day can be a carnival in the sack.

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1 in 10 couples haven’t had sober sex for 6 months


BRITISH people, as we know, are furiously repressed and get weird at the mention of genitalia and certainly come over all funny at the thought of having to be naked around others.

With that, a new survey discovered that one tenth of couples in the UK haven’t had sober sex in over six months.

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Modern Britain described in 10 photos

IF you had to describe the state of Britain today in 10 words, what would you say? In 2007, citizens entered a contest to describe the country in five words or fewer? The pick of the bunch was ‘Dipso fatso bingo asbo Tesco’. How would that be illustrated? What ten pictures would show the world what GB is like to live in? These are our Top Ten – a guide to live in Blighty:


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