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Britain’s Got Talent: Everyone Declared ‘The New Susan Boyle’

BRITAIN’S Got Talent is back on the nation’s screens. And that means it’s time to talk about the “new Susan Boyle“. Anorak has compiled a list of new Susan Boyles in the news:

Nick Clegg – Gerald Warner called him the “new Susan Boyle” (Telegraph)

Janey Cutler – She was the “new Susan Boyle” of 2010 (Everyone)

Michael Collins – He is the “new Susan Boyle” for 2011 STV, Metro

Causing a storm among the judges, he is later dubbed by Holden as the next Susan Boyle as she tries to explain why she wasn’t hooked from the moment she set eyes on him.

‘It’s like the Susan Boyle thing. You know when somebody walks on stage, you completely judge them as you see them and it’s always a surprise and it’s always a bad thing for us all to do but it’s human nature, isn’t it? You kind of just look at somebody and think about how they are physically rather than who they are.’

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