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Britain’s Worst Mum Introduces A Nation Of Baby Ps

justiceTHE Sun brings news of the “UK’s worst mum” who “faces jail term”.

Who is the UK’s worst mum, then? Tracey Connelly? Vanessa George?

No, it’s:

A SINGLE mum left her four kids – all aged under five – at home to go on a 24-hour drinking binge, a court heard today. The 22-year-old, branded Britain’s worst mother, knocked back a bottle of wine before going on a giant bender at town centre bars and house parties.

She is 22. She has four children. She sounds like a rubbish mother. But is she the worst?

One sickened policewoman who examined the house said: “It was a scene of filth and disorder.” Kitchen chairs had been pushed up to the units and there were children’s footprints in the milk powder where the tots had tried to climb up to the cupboards.

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