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British Gorilla’s birth broadcast live over internet – photos

A NEW baby has been born to dad Damisi and Asili, the 21 year old female Western Lowland Gorilla, at Chessington World of Adventures in Surrey. The birth was a live online broadcast lasting a mere 30 minutes.

Says James Mackie, gorilla keeper at the zoo:

“The western lowland gorilla is a vulnerable species which reproduces slowly. Females tend to produce only one baby every five years on average, so for Chessington to have welcomed two babies in three years really is cause for celebration. We’ve been waiting for what seems like forever for Asili to give birth, but it seems that — thanks to the unseasonably warm weather — spring has finally sprung. Damisi is turning out to be something of a stud in the gorilla enclosure. We introduced him as a new breeding male in 2008 and he immediately bred successfully with Buu. Now, only three years after the birth of Mbula, he has fathered a second baby after a romance with Asili.”

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