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Rolls Royce Ram Raids Supermarket

ram-raider-rollerRECESSION. What recession?

A man has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and drink-driving after a Rolls Royce crashed through the window of a Tesco store in Hampshire.

Old Mr Anorak says, “Ramraiders have never had it so good” – allegedly…

To the branch of Tesco, River Way, Andover. Says customer Patrick Ford:

“I had my back to it initially then heard crashing and breaking of glass and what sounded like metal grinding.

I turned and saw the Rolls Royce driving into the tills.

“The car reversed and came again but got stuck on something.

“Then the whole shelf started cascading down.

“Staff and security guards got the driver out but no-one seemed badly injured.”

Meanwhile in the back seat a man remains asleep on his way to pick up his cheque at the  Commons…

Posted: 20th, May 2009 | In: Strange But True | Comment