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Britney Spears Cross-Dresser In Court For Scaring Children

britney1WHAT news of the Britney Spears cross-dresser, one Peter Trigger? Well, since you ask, Mr Trigger is in court charged with breaching the anti-social behaviour order that bars him from baring his legs in public and wearing a skirt during the school run.

Man Banned From Dressing As Britney Spears Near School Gates

In December 2008, Mr Trigger was spotted about primary schools in Northampton wearing aBritney Spears-style schoolgirl uniform.

Parents walking with their children to nearby Woodvale Primary School had claimed Trigger had bent over, shown his bare thighs and indicated he was wearing no underwear.

We thought Mr Trigger a brave man, a lure to paedos, pervert and Spears fans, who would approach the child and then be dealt a severe blow to their self-esteem and mind’s eye. But it seems that not all agree.

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Posted: 4th, February 2010 | In: Strange But True | Comments (2)