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Jake Bugg Predictably Slags Off TV Talent Shows




WHETHER you like it or not, the only music format that doesn’t seem to want anything to do with the working classes, is indie. Prick your ears up during an interview with almost any new British rock band, and you’ll not hear an accent amongst them. Pop, rap, metal and dance music meanwhile, are the playground for anyone who fancies it.

In the pop world, The X Factor, American Idol and Britain’s Got Talent are giving working class performers a shot at fame. Susan Boyle is a megastar, when no record company would touch her. Little Mix meanwhile, are a hotchpotch of regional accents (and most importantly, killer pop records).

Indie, meanwhile, looks like prog in the 70s, filled with a load of dreary, earnest humans who lack the hunger of someone like Oasis. Whether you liked the band or not, the urgency and desire in their early records was difficult to rail against.

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Who Shouldn’t Host The Brits After James Corden Quits? Let’s See…

YOU may have heard (and maybe celebrated too) that James Corden is going to step down from the hosting gig at the Brits Awards tonight.

We are legally obliged to mention Sam Fox and Mick Fleetwood’s disastrous outing as hosts, but they do show that this is not an easy gig to do. Huge TV audiences. Band’s egos. A room filled with horrific music industry cokeheads grabbing their interns groins.

It’s enough to make a grown-up weep like they’ve just found an uncovered war grave.

However, there are some people knocking around who would be absolutely perfect for the gig. They can handle the pressure or bring a unique charm to proceedings.

Shall we look at our picks? Yes. Yes, we should.


Nick Grimshaw



Now, Grimmy has revealed that he’d love to take on the Brits gig. Corden reckons the job should go to Emma Willis. However, the music industry is notoriously sexist, so if they want to make progress, they’ll take baby steps by giving it to a gay man before entertaining the idea of Some Woman.

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What To Expect At The Brits 2014

 Piers Agget, DJ Locksmith, Amir Amor and Kesi Dryden of Rudimental arriving for the BRITS nominations, at ITV Studios, Southbank in London.

Piers Agget, DJ Locksmith, Amir Amor and Kesi Dryden of Rudimental arriving for the BRITS nominations, at ITV Studios, Southbank in London.


SO, The Brit Awards are due and London’s cocaine dealers are excitedly charging around like it’s Christmas morning. All the record industry, hangers-on, people off the telly and well connected interns will all get together for music’s work’s do, get absolutely leathered and expect us, the record buying prole-scum at home, to be nice to them on Twitter.

As if.

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Mitch Winehouse wears Amy Winehouse as a waistcoat at the Brits

AT the Brits Awards 2013, Mitch Winehouse arrived wearing a waistcoat bearing a picture of his daughter Amy Winehouse (quote:I used to walk into the Hawley Arms, grab a bag of mince and cook meatballs.“) 

Mitch is the cabbie called to give evidence to the House of Commons Committee’s debate on the cocaine trade. On Mitch’s website, the blurb for his album tells readers: “Mitch joins a list of illustrious artists from Elton John to Matt Monro who have performed Tony’s songs.” He’s written a hook called Amy, My Daughter. That’s not to be confused with his Channel 4 documentary My Daughter Amy. Mitch, who told us that his daughter’s new boob job “looks great”. You might have caught him on the chatshow Mitch Winehouse’s Showbiz Rant.  So here’s Mitch on the Brits red carpet. Amy was nominated for her posthumous album Lioness: Hidden Treasures.

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Brit Awards 2011 In Photos: Bieber La Rihanna

THE Brits Awards 2011: Plan B got arrested on stage; Take That did an advert for Man At M&S; Cheryl Cole used a clutch bag as a prop; Rihanna wore Kath Kidston; Justin Bieber stayed up late on a school night; Mumford & Sons worked the banjos; Cee Lo Green and Paloma Faith were fun; Tinie Tempah reminded us that rappers need not by homophobic, woman hates; and these fine acts took home the kind of ornament you last saw on your granny’s mantlepiece… (The fashions are over here.)


Picture 1 of 10

Avril Lavigne (centre) and Will Young (right) present the International Breakthrough Act to Justin Bieber (left) on stage during the 2011 Brit Awards at the O2 Arena, London.

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In Pictures: Myleene Klass’s Megan Fox Metronome Presnts The Classical Brit Awards

WITH Myleene Klass’s impression of Megan Fox (NSFW), we went to the Classical Brit Awards, held at the Royal Albert Hall. You can’t get a Myleene metronome to sit atop your piano yet. And this cruel luck for music fans. At the awards, we spotted and heard X Factor’s Ryhdian Roberts, who despite being mocked on the show and beaten by Leon Jackson (?) has managed to carve out a successful career in music. Why? Well, he can actually sing.


Picture 1 of 18

Myleene Klass arrives for the Classical Brit Awards at the Royal Albert Hall in west London.

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BRITs 2010: Jay-Z’s Race Row Party, A Table And JLS Storm

8382173THE BRITs 2010 continues to make news as the Daily Star tells its readers that “WHITES” are “BANNED” from Jay-Z’s after-show party. Well, not quite. Jay-Z is “horrified” at the alleged banning at what the Star says was his party. And the banners are said to be “bouncers”.

Lady GaGa Faces The Brits 2010, In Pictures

The paper tells of a “lavish bash with music industry executives, journalists and revellers” being turned away “from the roped–off area because of the colour of their skin”. So, whites were not banned from the party. The Star just didn’t see any whites breast the rope to enter the VIP zone?

Cheryl Cole Fight For Ashley’s Love: Brits Awards 2010 In Pictures

To the Merah club, on London’s Oxford Street, with Kim Dawson. She says he “never felt so intimidated” by the do in which “it was clear white people were not welcome in his VIP area”. Dawson is a “Scottish blonde”, as close to an indigenous black population as it gets without being ginger. She felt like a “mauled dog”.

Lady GaGa’s Foam Pony And Pixie Geldof’s Undies Present The Brits Awards

She sees JLS singer Oritse Williams and Alesha Dixon “storm out”. The inference is that this was because of the alleged colour bar, but Williams only says the place is “uncool” and Dixon says it was “horrible” with “aggro”.

Robbie Williams Brits 2010

In the Sun, there is this version of events:

To show his appreciation, Jay invited the boys to swig back the Cristal at his private party in West End Club Merah. But their big night was almost ruined by over-enthusiastic bouncers. They were forced to leave the party after just half an hour when fights broke out between the club’s security and punters eager to congratulate the lads on their haul of gongs.

Brits Awards In Pictures: JLS Win, Dizzee Rascal Saves And Cheryl Cole Fights A Paper Bag and Loses

The facts keep coming and one fact the Star is at pains to make clear is that the billionaire rapper is a good guy:

“Jay-Z, 36, was completely unaware of the situation after having a custom-built table laid on for him in private corner.”

Top rapper sits at table suing party. Read all about it…

Lady Gaga Nativity Play Chic Presents The Brits In Pictures

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Lady GaGa’s Foam Pony And Pixie Geldof’s Undies Present The Brits Awards

THE Brits Awards 2010 AGM music show always looks like an audition for new talent in the Brussels celebrity silo. If the suits at the little round tables clap, and their relatives in the mosh bit jump high enough, the singer can leave the EU Celebrity Mountain for a tour or pubs, clubs and daytime telly in Blighty. Lose and you are despatched on a tour of the Far East to be Big In Japan. We saw them sing. We saw Cheryl Cole plead. We saw Lady GaGa dress. And now see them afterwards…


Picture 1 of 31

Lady Gaga arriving for the Brit Awards Universal afterparty at the mandarin Oriental in London.

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Cheryl Cole Fight For Ashley’s Love: Brits Awards 2010 In Pictures

CHERYL Cole brought fight to the Brits last night, shadow boxing the toilet attendant of love as she gave full throat to her command to husband Ashley Cole. The Express looked on and wandered if Cheryl is heading for a “22m divorce”. To the Mirror she is “Cheryl Cool”, airing her grievances and crotch at the big music AGM. But the Sun does the top job, leading with “brave” Cheryl in full cry and asking “How could you Ashley?” Cheryl wasn’t wearing her wedding ring. Which is good news for Ashley, who can look forward to a good clean fight without weapons…


Picture 1 of 21

Cheryl Cole performs on stage during the BRIT Awards 2010, at Earls Court, London.

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The Brit Awards 2010 Nomination Party: In Pictures

AT the IndigO2 in south east London for the Brit Awards 2010 nomination party. Dappy of NDubz almost showed his bully-off face in public after his Radio 1 hissy fit. The product of mating between Pob and one of Snow White’s workers performed on stage with nominative determined Tinchy Stryder. Elly Jackson of La Roux did her usual impression of Marc Almond at a Buck Rogers convention. Pixie Lott looked good. JLS grinned. Nicole Appleton and Melanie Blatt reached South London. Fearne Cotton had “WANNA PARTY” tattooed on his calves and someone called Gabriella Cilmi killed them in the cheap seats…


Picture 1 of 44

Fearne Cotton during the Brit Awards 2010 nominations launch party at the IndigO2 in south east London.

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