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BRITs 2010: Jay-Z’s Race Row Party, A Table And JLS Storm

8382173THE BRITs 2010 continues to make news as the Daily Star tells its readers that “WHITES” are “BANNED” from Jay-Z’s after-show party. Well, not quite. Jay-Z is “horrified” at the alleged banning at what the Star says was his party. And the banners are said to be “bouncers”.

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The paper tells of a “lavish bash with music industry executives, journalists and revellers” being turned away “from the roped–off area because of the colour of their skin”. So, whites were not banned from the party. The Star just didn’t see any whites breast the rope to enter the VIP zone?

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To the Merah club, on London’s Oxford Street, with Kim Dawson. She says he “never felt so intimidated” by the do in which “it was clear white people were not welcome in his VIP area”. Dawson is a “Scottish blonde”, as close to an indigenous black population as it gets without being ginger. She felt like a “mauled dog”.

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She sees JLS singer Oritse Williams and Alesha Dixon “storm out”. The inference is that this was because of the alleged colour bar, but Williams only says the place is “uncool” and Dixon says it was “horrible” with “aggro”.

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In the Sun, there is this version of events:

To show his appreciation, Jay invited the boys to swig back the Cristal at his private party in West End Club Merah. But their big night was almost ruined by over-enthusiastic bouncers. They were forced to leave the party after just half an hour when fights broke out between the club’s security and punters eager to congratulate the lads on their haul of gongs.

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The facts keep coming and one fact the Star is at pains to make clear is that the billionaire rapper is a good guy:

“Jay-Z, 36, was completely unaware of the situation after having a custom-built table laid on for him in private corner.”

Top rapper sits at table suing party. Read all about it…

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