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Whitney Houston: Broke thanks to crack investment

IMAGINE how much money Whitney Houston has made in her lifetime. She’s been around since time began and had a string of gigantic hits as well as starring in some very successful films. You’d think that she has so much money, she’d never find the time to spend it all.

However, our Whitney decided to get addicted to crack cocaine and, astonishingly and impressively, she’s broke. All that money. Gone.

According to a number of reports the singer has spent all of her fortune, including a reported $100million record deal. How is that even possible?

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Posted: 25th, January 2012 | In: Celebrities | Comment

Lindsay Lohan Too Broke For Psychological Treatment

WHAT does Lindsay Lohan do again? We can’t honestly remember. Is she some kind of clown? Either way, she’s constantly in the press for bad behaviour and reports of her brain capsizing like a champ.

After a series of brushes with the law, she’s been in-and-out of court more times than the Apple patent chaps. And now, being sued by a rehab worker who says LiLo twisted her arm a bit, she’s going through it all again.

And, while there, it appears that she’s let on she’s broke. According to her lawyer, Lohan can’t afford court-ordered psychological treatment.

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Posted: 22nd, July 2011 | In: Celebrities | Comment