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Flashback: The most 1980s photos ever

FLASHBACK to September 12 1985: “Rock singer Boy George touches up his makeup while tablemates Brooke Shields and rock singer George Michael are deep in conversation at the Palladium disco in New York on Wednesday, Sept. 12, 1985.”  This might be the one of the Top 10 1980s photo ever…


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Charlie Sheen’s Estranged Wife Nips Off To Rehab Looking Glassy Eyed

MEME on legs, Charlie Sheen, is a man seemingly destined to create a whirlpool of near-death around him. In some respects, it is very impressive – the other angle is that its all incredibly distressing watching a group of people unravel while a man shouts “WINNING TIGER BLOOD OF BAYONETS!” or whatever the latest idiotic buzzword is.

Then again, who are we to care? He’s an obscenely wealthy man who can toot his way through suitcases of cocaine and die, right there, before our very eyes, becoming yet another bizarre celebrity footnote that we’ll invariably half-remember in a decade or so, when we’re talking about stupid people and their stupid dying.

And the latest person to look all dead-in-the-eyes is Sheen’s estranged wife, Brooke Mueller.

Over the weekend, Brooke refused to take a drug test. Shame really, because she’s legally obliged to do so as part of a custody agreement with Sheen. And so, she gone to rehab again, because its the American equivalent of the confession booth, where you can absolve your sins with some meek-eyed mendery!

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Brooke Shields’ Fur Coat Raises Chantelle Houghton’s Peta Droop

CHANTELLE Houghton Peta’s Dumb Animal of the Month Show is introduced by Brooke Shields’ fur coat child protector and walker.

Houghton, that jobbing jumble of Katie Price off-cuts, is fronting PETA’s Eating Meat Got You Down? campaign, outside Smithfield Meat Market in London. The claim is that eating meat and all that cheap protein makes your penis limp. Well, that what they tell Chantelle, allegedly…

But one meaty eater getting hard on for flesh is Brooke Shields who his making a fur cot at Denmark’s Kopenhagen Fur Studio.

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Michael Jackson Stole Elizabeth Taylor’s Funeral

liz-taylorMICHAEL Jackson Watch: When Princess Diana died, the Queen Mother was reported to have opined: “She’s got my funeral.”

What price that Jackson would shuffle off before Elizabeth Taylor, a woman who is now saying she won’t attend. The is too mich “whoopla”.

And as any Hollywood legend knows, you can have too much Woopla.

Cue the pall beareres:

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Brooke Shields Says Virginity Makes You Fat

brooke_shields-fatBROOKE Shields shares with Health magazine her views on viginity and fatness:

“I think I would have had sex a lot earlier. I think I would have been much more in touch with myself. I think I wouldn’t have had issues with weight – I carried this protective 20 pounds [in college]. It was all connected. I think I would have lost my virginity earlier than I did at 22.”

Have sex – be thin.

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