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Eating In Silence At Brooklyn’s Place For Food Monks

Peg on NoseDINERS at Nicholas Nauman’s Eat in Brooklyn, New York, can book to eat on a night when everyone eats in total silence. Should a glass break, no-one will cheer. The bill is presented in total silence. The waitress will not ask “Did you enjoy your meal?” You will not speak to your friends, but communicate by raising eyebrows, grinning, frowning or rolling your eyes at the couple by the door who look like they’re having a silent row.

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In Picture: David Beckham, Brooklyn, Romeo And Cruz Do Arsenal

MAROUANE Chamakh does his hair specially for his Arsenal debut, but all eyes are on David Beckham as he watches the Gunners play AC Milan games with his sons Romeo, Cruz and Brooklyn. Is this the future for Day-vid – showing up at matches with his boys and being photographed? Will eh tuedn to them and says, “I was once great, boys. I once wore the knickers everyone wanted and when I bent your mum over a bike and looked like I was about to shag her, like, say, a football would not shag his PA, people talked.” And the boys will look and in perk American accents say: “Sheesh, pop. Soccer sucks – but not like a PA, for example…


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David Beckham watches the games with his son's Romeo (second from right) and Cruz (right)

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Victoria Beckham Introduces Brooklyn Beckham To The Poor – Role Model For A Generation

brooklyn-beckhamVICTORIA Beckham would like you and all Hello! readers to know that she is “incredibly proud” of her son Brooklyn.

Why? Is it because Brooklyn has blended a white T-shirt with black jeans and two-tone trainers under fringe? Not only. It’s also because he is “growing up to be a thoughtful and responsible young man who appreciates her has blessed life and wants to understand and help those who have less than himself.

Those that have less than Brooklyn are just about everyone. So how is Brooklyn going to help us, the unblessed, whom God has overlooked?

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