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This Budget Day, let us remember, we must kill all the bureaucrats

OUR tale for the day comes from New York City, but the same basic principle applies. Budget Day is when the political class tell us how much of our money they’re going to take and how: the Autumn Statement is the description of how they’re going to piss it away.

And here is how the bureaucracy, the part that gargles in that golden shower of our money, actually operates:

Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s food police have struck again!

Outlawed are food donations to homeless shelters because the city can’t assess their salt, fat and fiber content, reports CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer.

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The Budget: Motorists Need Petrol For Bombs

THE stupid headline of the week surely has to be from the Financial Times which declares: “Cut in fuel duty placates motorists.” I haven’t spoken to anyone since the budget speech who hasn’t treated little Georgie’s “penny off” with derision. But then the FT actually tells you why that should be, in the very article that has such a daft headline:

For a two-car family, the monthly cost of filling up petrol tanks has risen by £34.40 to £283.47 over the past year, according to the AA. Motorist groups said that the cut in fuel duty would provide relief for drivers, but the average savings for families would equal just £14 a year.

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The Taxpayers’ Alliance List Of Budget Cuts

JOHNATHAN Pearce watches the Budget chatter on Samizdata:

It was grimly amusing to watch as TV interviewers tried to get some straight answers out of the UK government and the Tory opposition about what items of public spending would and could be cut to get the finances under control. George Osborne, shadow Chancellor, was pretty evasive, as I have come to expect. Well, for those who want to see some sort of shopping list of cuts, the Taxpayers’ Alliance has come up with a handy list of items deserving of termination.

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Pre-Budget Report: Darling Brings Us In From The Arctic Monkeys

CAN Britons civil servants and public sector workers buy enough HD-ready televisions to bring the country back from the gaping maw of depression?

Gordon Brown says yes, adding:  

“With any luck a pre-budget report will provide more work for the key public sector demographic. If it works, we’ll be looking to introduce a pre-pre budget report and push on from there to a concerted pre-pre-pre budget report and, paper willing, a pre-pre-pre-pre budget report.” 

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